Specialized S-works Carbon HT 2009 - new stuff

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by MagSoft

My new competition bike. Upgraded with functional and okay reliable components.

Frame Specialized HT 09 Carbon (large) 1.196
Fork Future Shox S90 1.433
Pedals Exustar E-PM28 Ti 186
Bar Edge carbon flatbar 120
Seatpost New Ultimate 30,9 350mm Setback 149
Stem Edge 100mm 100
Wheelset Tune King/Kong, Ti Pillar, SUN 1.275
Saddle SLR 150
Brakes Avid Ultimate 464
Rotor front Ashima Ultralight Disc 160 85
Rotor rear Ashima Ultralight Disc 140 67
Bolts for rotors Titaniumsbolts 14
Rear deraileur XO 194
Front deraileur X9 154
Crankset XTR 690
Barends Scott RC 58
Grips Spectre MTB 18
Front tire Schwalbe Rocket Ron 2.25 445
Rear tire Schwalbe Rodket Ron 2.25 445
Tubes Michelin C4 260
Quick Relase KCNC Titan 45
Cassette XTR Ti 11-32 224
Headset Token 75
Shifters Sram X.0 Gripshift 195
Chain KMC X-9-SL Gold 255
Bottle Cage Specialized S-works 24
Brakepads Avid Al. Organic 11 g pr. couple. 22
Others 450

Total 8.700

I need to have the gear cables cuted - they are a bit too long.

With additional upgrades the weight can get below 8.5 kg, but the price pr. saved gram are sooooo expensive. Any inputs to cheap weight savings?

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by Juanmoretime

Welcome to the forum!

:thumbup: I love it. Nice balance of components and looks built into a no nonsense race machine.

by Weenie

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by Lighti

Very nice bike, like my bike ;)

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Mads Kock
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by Mads Kock

Really like that frame - bike looks very good. Enjoy it :-)

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by Bandanelli

Welcome Magnus, It's a nice bike! About time you went in here, I know you have been a weenie for quite a while now ;o)
In theory there is no differens betweem theory and pratice, but in pratice, there is.

http://weightweenies.starbike.com/forum ... ight=rasta

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Mads Kock
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by Mads Kock

HEEEEY - that's my old wheelset :-P

the obvious ww saving - Campagnolo Record front derailleur with spleen converter. Weight will be about 70-80 grams depending on how much you tune it.

What is "others 450"?

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by MagSoft

Bandanelli: I have regularly visited WW, but thought it was about time to become a member. Also a great place to get some input for my WW-project. Hope to see you thursday (which will be on my Rivette)

Mads Kock: Hi, yes I bought the wheelsset from Casper, he also said that you were the previous owner - a great wheelsset, though I have already broken to TI-Pillars spokes :-(
Thanks for the input on the front derailleur, I will try to find some information about it - 70 to 80 grams is some weight saving.
The others 450 grams are cables, plugs for the bar and weigth offset. Know it's quite a bit, but it´s the difference between theoretical and pratical weight.

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Mads Kock
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by Mads Kock

Hi Magnus,

sorry to hear about the titanium spokes.

It's possible to shave some weight off your bike but it's a little weightreduction on alot of parts so it's going to cost you alot of money.

Lighter bars (Extralite Ultrabars UL 100 grams - save: 20 grams)
Lighter rims (Stans Olympic - save: 60 grams)
Lighter stem (Rotor SL 90 grams - save: 10 grams)
Lighter seat (Tune Speedneedle Alcantara 90 grams - save: 60 grams)
Lighter brakes (Formula R1 about 320 grams - save: 140 grams)
Lighter bar ends (KCNC 50 grams - save: 10 grams)
Lighter chain (KMC X10SL 220 grams - save: 30 grams)

Besides that: lighter pulleywheels, changing all steelbolts to ti or alu, lighter seatpostclamp.

LOTS OF MONEY :-) but including the front derailleur about 400 grams lighter.

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by MagSoft

Mads: Thanks for your input.
I've thought of a lighter bar and stem, but don't like the idea of the stem or bar to break while driving - and only saving about 30 gram.

Have thought of the Formula R1 brake, but I hope it will come in other color variations than black. What I can fint on the internet, the color variations are only for the aftermarked. But 140 grams is quite alot.

Maybe I'll upgrade with a Tune Speedneedle, SRAM XX crankset and Powercordz. This should bring me below 8.5 kg.

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by oskar

Hi. I bought the frame Specialized S-Works Carbon 2009. I have the put system Custom Shimano BB-91. I see that you use two chainring with the crank Shimano XTR. What have you the space of chainrings from the frame? This impossible is at me. Did you have some mats with the system? I want to use crank Shimano XTR with two chainring TA Chinook. How did you this? Regards.

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by MagSoft


I'm not quite sure I understand your question, but I'll try to explain how I have installed my 2-chainring setup on XTR...

I bought to TA-chainrings:
One for the small position with 28 tooth. This is a speciel one, because 28 tooth is not usual for the small position - But TA makes them.
One for the middle position with 42 tooth. This is also a specielt one, because 42 tooth also is not normal for middle position - But again, TA makes them.
You don't install a chainring for the upper position.

Then you need to space the small chainring away from the middle position. This has to be done because a normal XTR chainring has inbuild these spacers. 1 mm spacers will be enough - buy them in a tool-shop.

You also need speciel bolts for the chainrings. You can buy short or long bolts. Eighter can do the job - you need one part of both :-( I went to the local dealer, and bought the bolt from four geardrops - these works just fine.

Now you just put it all together :-)

Does this explain enough? What I can do is, that I can take some picture and mail them to you, but first about thursday or friday.

Another thing. When I got the frame, there came a small spacer of plastic along. This has to be installed in the "drive-side" on the XTR-garniture. Are you using this?

Regards Magnus

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by oskar

Thanks. I had this on the thought. I have put spacers 2,5 mm. As smaller will put, the chain is comprises not.

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by MagSoft

Bought some new stuff. Latest:

Rotors: Innolite disc 140/160 (37g/45g)
Front derailleurs: DuraAce with Speen adaptor (88g)
Tubes: Eclipse (54g)
QR: Tune (39g)
Pedals: CrankBrothers Eggbeater 4Ti (168g)

I'll weight the bike later today, but it's around 8.16 kg.

Complete build list:

Frame Specialized HT 09 Carbon
Fork Future Shox S100
Pedals CrankBrothers Eggbeater 4Ti
Handlebar Edge
Seatpost New Ultimate 27.2mm/300mm
Stem Edge 100mm
Wheels Tune King/Kong, DT Revo., SUN, FRM
Saddle Tune SpeedNeedle Leather
Brakes Avid Ultimate
Rotor front Innolite 160
Rotor rear Innolite 140
Bolts for rotors Titanium
Rear derailleur XO
Front derailleur DuraAce 7900 og Speen
Crankset XTR
Barends -
Grip Spectre MTB
Front tire RocketRon
Rear tire RaceKing
Tubes Eclipse
Quick Relase Tune DC 16 + 17
Cassette XTR
Fittings Specialized
Shifters X0 - twisters
Chain KMC X-9-SL Gold
Bottle cage Specialized
Brakepads Avid Al. Organic 11 g pr. stk.

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by krzysiekmz


how are the Innolite rotors working for you?

I'm not satisfied with mine so far. 2 different kinds of organic pads and no luck. Noise and poor branking plus black residue on rotors.

Orbea Oiz - xxxx
MSC Koncept Carbon Di2 - 6955g
Leichtkraft Team Carbon - 6868g.

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by elasto

Very nice bike you got there! Looking forward to see the real weight.

by Weenie

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