Titanium road bikes here please

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by ty-ro

Juanmoretime wrote:
Tinea Pedis wrote:What properties does titanium have that would lead you to choose it ahead of steels or aluminium (or carbon)?

Tried doing a search for it on here...could take a while...

Everyone has different preferences so why do I prefer titanium over other materials?

1). I agree that carbon can be made lighter but to me that doesn't make it a better choice. The area where I live and ride are seal and chip roads and the rocks really chip the heck of any painted or clear coated frames so all my friends bikes down tubes on their painted look like garbage. So cosmetically raw titanium works better for me.

2). I've found in many cases titanium to stiffer that aluminum in the bottom bracket but titanium does a better job of absorbing road shock. I do realize the fork and the tires volume and pressure come into play here. When I raced mutli-sport my tribikes were Klein's and while I could flex the bottom bracket and get the big ring to rub on the front derailleur the ride was so harsh that I never could ride more than 40 to 60 miles on the Klein and then I would be totally trashed. I finish feeling less fatigued on my titanium bikes and can't get that derailleur rub. BTW, I did get derailleur to rub on other aluminum frames I have ridden too.

3). Steel is real and the magical ride of steel. Steel offers a very lively ride since it makes a good spring and returns all the energy of road impact although it does a poor job of absorbing the energy hence the lively ride. Titanium does a much better job of absorbing the road shock verses steel.

This is by no means gospel and is only my personal reasons for riding titanium. So if carbon, aluminum or steel work for you then keep doing what your doing and we will all be happy.

Well said Juan. I'm in this "carbon quandary" right now. I'm getting pummeled by the carbon marketeers and have to consciously resist the temptation to buy a carbon bike. I LOVE my Ti bike right now and have nothing against it, but I feel like a deer in the headlights with all the carbon ads, etc... That said, I have a custom steel due next month as well as another one next year.

Right now I'm thinking of a more high-end Ti bike, maybe an Eriksen or a Baum (the latter makes me cringe with the price, but a high end carbon is there too). I'm really after a Ti bike that is lighter and stiffer than my current ride.

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by Ari

You might want to add Bill Holland. His road Ti frames run about $2800.

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by ipenguinking


I love my Lysnkey even more after putting more than 500 miles on it: stiff, responsive, yet not too uncomfortable for a 4+ hrs training ride on not-so-perfect roads. Like the Seven Axiom I sold, this thing feels very nukeproof and undestructable, which is very different from my 14lbs Crumpton. I'm not saying one is better than the other, but it is simply nice to switch between two bikes.

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by ty-ro

[quote="Ari"]You might want to add Bill Holland. His road Ti frames run about $2800.


Ok, thanks Ari. I'll look into Hollands too.

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by Wingnut

My training bike, I have a couple of Merlin Extralight's but will post them when I can be bothered taking the pics.

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by jörgl

Nr. 1 8) :D :wink:

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by jörgl

Nr. 2 8) :wink: :D


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by Zak

Nice stuff Jörgl, let's see the bikes in total also :P

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by Roobay

err jorgi
quite special! :lol:
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by ThasFACE

Not the best picture, but I love this bike.

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by Timo

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by a.davis12

my litespeed.
not even close to 14lb. but hey, im 17 and i had a litespeed at 16 (all with my money) so i dont count myself as doing too bad.
also have a set of zipp 303s.

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

What a bike to own as a teenager!!

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by dave1215

i have benefitted from reading many posts on this forum so i thought i would share a little:

my mango green spectrum titanium super ---> http://www.flickr.com/photos/7845841@N0 ... 251754847/
spectrum (2).jpg

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by Dick Rhee

I'd like to change out some of the components down the road, but it's a low priority since it's not really my primary bike. At some point I'll probably move the Moots over to Chorus to match the other bike, swap the stem to 3T, and buy a second pair of Keos (right now I have one pair floating between Canyon and Moots). $$$...

2008 Canyon CF Pro, 2005 Moots Vamoots

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