my Peugeot Fibre De Carbon w/ Mavic SSC

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by NapD


Got an overwhelming wave of nostalgia when I saw this!

I remember looking at a cycle magazine's annual big buyer's guide to bikes that my dad had and lusting over this in 1986 (when I was 11 and hoping Father Christmas was bringing me a Muddy Fox Courier he did, I still have it and still ride it now, although it's a little small.)

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by dcj9

i had 2 of the all alloy tubed versions - vitus duralinox. they were super light at the time and even then they felt flexy!

the first frame lasted until the first time trial i rode on it, and came unstuck on the left rear dropout. first i knew was when the rear wheel started rubbing on the chainstay :oops: so i had to abandon the race.

the replacement frame was taken to the 1981 RAS DE CYMRU 3 day race and afterwards i was cleaning it and noticed that the rear brake bridge had come unstuck and was only being held on due to its shape between the stays. i'd just been descending off the welsh mountains in the race between 40-50mph.

that was the final straw as far as i was concerned, and i got my money back!

then in 1992 i got the carbon tubed version as a TT frame, and had problems with the chain jumping which was eventually traced after much trial and error due to flexible stays. the shop at first refused to accept there was a problem because their cyclo-cross star - steve douce - regularly won races on these frames. however, eventually we proved that it was a frame flex issue with certain riders - me being one such rider. another refund!

great looking build and for me, great memories.
even then i was a closet weight weenie - these things were super light and way ahead of the technology :beerchug:

by Weenie

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