My 3 Cervélos

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by Cyppen

I bought this Cervélo S3 in the spring

Zipp 808 Clincher Training wheels

Zipp 303 Tubular racing wheels

Zipp 808 Tubular racing wheels

Cervélo carbon topcap

Side view


Frame: Cervélo S3, 58
Fork: Funda Pro
Headset: Cane Creek
Stem: 3T ARX Team 17` Drop
Handlebar: 3T Rotundo Pro
Seatpost: Cervélo Aero one possition
Seat: Specialized toupé
Shifters: Dura Ace 7900
Front Derailleur: Dura Ace 7900
Rear Derailleur: Dura Ace 7900
Cables: Dura Ace 7900
Cassette: Ultegra 11-23
Chain: Dura Ace 7900
Crankset: SRM Wireless Dura Ace 7800
Pedals: Speedplay Zero Titanium
Brakes: Dura Ace 7900
Wheels: Zipp 303, and 808 tubular and 808 clincher
Skewers: Zipp Titanium
Cage: Tacx
Weight as pictured with 303: 7.1kg

I also have a Cervélo Soloist Carbon as my winterbike
Full ultegra and a SRM PC VI just as normal computer with Speed, and heartrate.

And my last bike is a Cervélo Soloist Team is just my crap bike using when im not will use the other ones. I really dont know why i have it. I never use it.

Custom paint my Cervélo S3
Here in the winther i am going to get my S3 custom painted. I hate the white colour because you can use it once and need to get it washed :)
I am going for the new S3 design but with a little custom here and there. Custom cervélo logo in the front (not that on the photo) and then custom green. custom painted handlebar, stem, custom zipp stickers, and i get a special green SRM PC7 :)
And the custom zipp decals
The green on the bike and wheel will be the same. Not as light as on the bike picture.

The custom paint should be finish on friday :lol:
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by Weenie

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by fa63

Nice looking bike, but what is up with the cable routing around the headtube?

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by Geoff

Are you running the '09 wireless SRM?

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by appleduc

You have no neck problems with that much drop?

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by mathi

Love it :thumbup:

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by ww4

nice Olympic bike soo...... aero and fast looking.

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by Marius-H

Nice bike! Looking like a pro there :D

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by tochnics

is that the olympic version is or is there a kind of round candy u like :D

sweet wheel collection there!
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by Szczuldo

appleduc wrote:You have no neck problems with that much drop?


I'd be more worried about hitting the cables with my chin than a cramp in the neck...Those cables could be a lot shorter and cervelo could've done a better job at placing those holes...

Nice wheel selection, my choices are, 32 hole heavy clinchers...or the same 32 hole heavy clinchers. So do you just not train in heavy cross winds? :lol:
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by Cyppen

I have some normal cheap clinchers when tehre are snow and like that. But wind? Just hang on and you will do fine :)

Maybee the cabels could be shorter but after 12 hours of cabel mounting i am happy just for have a bike in one piece. :evil:

I have SRM PC VI. It have been replaced by SRM many times because the just not work. They have replacet my PowerControl 10-12 times, my heart rate belt 5 times, and my crankset 2 times. And the two new powercontrols i got from SRM last time are also now broken. There are water/fog inside the PowerControl. :evil:

And no neck problems i maybe go for 130 mm stem (120 now)

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by aeroslave

Very very nice!!!

I think you lack some drop could be more aero :lol:

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by TheBugMan

The Olympics Games are my favorite and anything that reminds me of them. It looks great with the 808s.
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lite pete
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by lite pete

id love that frame but with all the tollerance problems with wheels and componants and the lack of £4000 i wont be getting one :cry:

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by Cyppen

Im just got the update in the top and im really looking forward to get the custom painted frame back :)

by Weenie

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by micky

Green is the new black! :thumbup:

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