CAAD 9 BB30 project; 6.72kg

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Fair enough.

And mate, you need to start an Intro thread with it - tis lovely!

Is it BB30?

by Weenie

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by airsoft510

Finally I finished it. Took a while to get all the parts in and to get the bike figured out. I couldn't be more happy about how it turned out. Thanks to all those who helped.

Frame- CAAD 9 BB30
Fork- alu/carbon cannondale ultra
shifters-Sram Red
Brakes- Sram Red
Front Derailleur- Sram Force
Rear Derailleur- Sram Red
Seat post- Pro Vibe
Bar- Pro Vibe
Stem- Pro Vibe 140mm
Saddle- Selle Italia Flite Team edition
Cages- Elite
Crankset- Cannondale SISL
Pedals- Look Keo Cro-Moly
Wheels-Edge 68 Clinchers: DT 240 Rear hub/ Alchemy ELF
Tires- Vittoria EVO CX

7.5kg with Edge
7kg with Reynolds DVUL







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by Auk

:thumbup: The bar has just been raised with that build. Awesome looking bike in every detail. And, it pushes me that much closer to finding that frameset for my next build.

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by bJay

That's what Im talking about 8)

Now Im even more excited about finishing mine (need help from a mech friend to run the cables :oops: )
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by morephyous


One of thye nicest if not the nicest CAAD I've seen :lol:

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by 2tonedlegs

Yup pure class

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by Hi|ikus

Mmm tasty!
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by airsoft510

Thanks guys.

Rode it for the second time today. Overall it feels very solid. I got in some sprints both uphill at 25mph and on flats at 45mph and the bike feels stable at both speeds. In comparison to my CAAD 8 it feels a lot more stable on the front end. I think that not only the beefed up front end contributes to the stiffness but also the aluminum steer tube. There's very little bend I can feel in the bars/front end. I'm going to keep the 500+gram fork because of how it handles on the downhills. The bottom bracket stiffness is great, a tad bit better than the CAAD 8 due to the BB30 and SISL crankset. Overall I don't think the BB30 made a huge difference in performance. It doesnt improve the durability and makes the bike lighter however.

In one sentence; the bike makes a noticeable difference in terms of the front end stiffness making the bike one of the stiffest bikes I've ever been on, and probably one of the stiffest bikes out there. This is what I was looking for before I got the CAAD 9.

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by Stockie

That is one Superb bike :o
Only one little thing i'd change: A matte finish bar, stem and seatpost, so it matches the matte black Si SL cranks :wink:
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by modcon86

pure racing machine. sex
gone crazy. be back soon

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by Rich_W

:smartass: The Rich_W_9000™ Analyzer gives this a perfect scoring.

All "pro-bro" rules adhered to.

Very nice work, yo :beerchug:

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by TheBugMan

You have GREAT taste airsoft510, always have great builds coming out of that yard.

Say "Hi" to that pooch of yours /(^.^)\
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by KC

A BB30 Caad 9, It's amazing an aluminum frame still has as much wow factor in this day and age of everything carbon. Makes me want to go and buy one. I think that this final evolution of the worlds best aluminum frames is probably lighter/stiffer than 90% of the chinese carbon frames being sold.

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by jmg3

debadge the wheels (ie remove the stickers) and the frame will pop more
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by Weenie

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by santabarbara

I'm lovin' it. But... I did notice that, w/ your Edge wheelset at least, your rear tire is mounted the wrong way. The Vitt label should be facing DS.
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