artrays Rebuilt stealth Trek 5900 super light

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by artray

2004 Trek 5900 super light frame 54cm 1000grms
Stork UMS forks 230grms
Zipp bars 190grms
Ritchey WCS alloy stem 130 -17 degrees tie bolts 125grms
Cane creak headset 46grm
Fibre Lyte topcap 5grm
Sram red tuned shifters . BTP clamps . 260grms
Sram red front mech tuned 50grms
Sram red rear mech 109grms including tri gold carbon jockey wheels 8grm pair.
Pro edge carbon seat 96grms
Token seatpost 96 grms
Zoom seatpost clamp tie bolt 9grms
Planet x brakes 200grms I tuned some KCNC break pad holders ,Cut the triangle bit off and sanded them flat so the brakes in total should weigh less then 200grms . All the bolts are ti including brake pad holders.
Handbuilt Wheels . clinchers built by Jon at Just Riding Along 1182 grms pair . 18 f,/ 24 r AC hubs , Stans rims. The front rim is the old Stans rim , The rear is the new rim which is a bit stronger . which makes sense for the rear .
Cranks ,Stronglight Helion sanded down with KCNC chain bolt rings 640grms including BB
53T/39T . I suspect they me be a few grams lighter.
Cassette Sram red black . 11/26 . I like the red mech its easier to clean than a Recon etc etc.
Ybn gold chain 237grms , weighs less as we took off a few links .
ZX tyres and michelin pro light tubes .
Look Keo carbon pedals .[ not the blades]
Tune Skyline skewers 17grms
Tune Skyline bottle cage 4grms , which works really well .
I put 2 plastic screws in the other cage holes.
Nokon cables .KCNC inner cables .
Carbon plug ends 5grms pair.
Bar tape is taxidermy tape that I spotted online . Its very matte looking and light
The frame may well be a bit lighter as I took over 200grms worth of paint off. It took about 3 hours in total to strip the paint off using a Stanley knife. It came off quite easy .
I like the forks as they are shiny , If they get scratched then I will sand them down .
Most of the parts I took off my Awesome Guru Photon , Hello to Sean at Guru . I will be building the Guru back up ..
The Trek is my so called spare bike . I love riding it, it's a lot of fun. I have been quite conservative with the weights as my scales are not that good and now have been trashed.
I just use baby wipes to clean everything , Aero 303 on all the carbon stuff.
I put some paint on my fingers and used there marks to drill the holes on the shifters so my fingers feel comfy , that's why the holes are drilled that way . The seat has some flex thats why it's a bit nose up.
A big shout to Tony at Bike and Run. Finchley, London for his mechanical skills and help . Hes the man.
Im Looking forward to getting my Guru Photon back together and making it more awesome
The Guru is the best bike I have ever rode . My trek though is pretty good as well .
Peace and love

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by CarpetFibre

I've been waiting patiently for this one - Superb work! I love the originality in this build and I am always a fan of paintless old carbon Treks. :D

Edit: By the way we need some bigger pics...

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by artray

Thanks CarpetFibre. Your right. I have a friend, she is a pro photographer I will try and get some pro shots done at some point . Thanks for your comments :thumbup:

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by sawyer

Those are some light forks!

What's the overall weight on the scales?

I always liked the shape of the old horizontal top tube Trek frames.

One thing I don't like here is the wheels. Would be surprised, and impressed, if I couldn't kick the crap out of those with Stans and AC hubs.

How does it ride vs. the Guru?

Slightly disappointed there is no USPS paint? Assume that's in the light of recent events.
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by KB

Artray - great build, especially the tuning; like the drilling on the levers. But we can't judge it properly until we get some bigger pics.

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by prendrefeu

Looks good! :thumbup:

Put down the biscuits and post some bigger pics please! :lol:
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by artray

KB + prendrefeu I will get some better photos as soon as I get a chance. I can assure you it looks very nice . I love the way Trek put these bikes together. The carbon layup around the joins seems to be unique to Trek . This model was intended to be painted the carbon has a very raw almost unfinished look. The colour is more grey than black if you follow. It would be interesting to see how the new Treks look nude. Sawyer, the wheels are quite light for clinchers and are holding up fine . Before I was riding some Mavic premium r sys and Topolino clinchers but these handbuilt wheels feel much better and quicker and I could get 3 pairs of these built for the price of my previous. I have not done any big mountains with these wheels but I have done a few fast descents and the bracking and flex is no worse than the above mentioned. I would say that the Guru is just a lot more responsive .It feels really fast and is much better in cross winds and descents, Its very stable. The Trek did have some Easton EC 90 SLX forks on before. They are a bit flexy compared to the UMS and it does seem to make a big difference as the Trek feels much better and it's pretty reponsive but that seems to be more about the build and not just the frame. Where as the Guru Photon you can feel the difference the frame makes . This was always going to be the stealth bike it is today USADA or not. The scales I had got trashed before I finished the build so I will get a total weight soon as I get a chance to pop in my LBS. :thumbup:

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by 2002SaecoReplica

lol dat fit...
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by artray

2002SaecoReplica wrote:lol dat fit...

That :smartass: I'm obviously a lot more flexable than you . Thats a very comfy position for me .
Check out some of the drops of Ryder , Schleck's etc etc they have the same kind of drop ,very aero .
I suppose you think having a tower of spacers and a saddle lower then your handle bars is cool :lol:

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by Krull

looks great! 8) bigger pictures, please! :wink:
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by KB

artray wrote: Thats a very comfy position for me. Check out some of the drops of Ryder
That's immediately what come to mind as soon as I saw the bike. I slam my stem, but I could never get into that position.

But we still need them pics.

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

prendrefeu wrote:Put down the biscuits and post some bigger pics please! :lol:


Criminally under appreciated :lol:

And I do like this build! Very nice artray.

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by artray

Thanks for you comments :thumbup: . I will get some better photos up soon as I can, Things are quite busy around here, so bear with me my fellow WW . :beerchug:

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by dog

It's light but that fork doesn't bode too well. Put a Bontrager fork on there. Some models of that frame also used a tapered (1.125" -> 1.25") fork.

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by Timo

artray wrote:Check out some of the drops of Ryder , Schleck's etc etc they have the same kind of drop ,very aero

Ah, and you copied the position of the handlebar and the grips from Sean Yates, right? Now all we have to figure out is which pro rider has a tilted saddle :noidea:
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