2009 Pinarello Prince "fire" - new pics p.1

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by mechanism

Sacke how tall are you with inseam? Do the Princes come up big in size?

by Weenie

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by Stats

i still really love this bike - would have to be in my top 3 of all time :oops:

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by canoas

Really nice Prince, from an old posting................I was thinking about a Dogma but have an opportunity to purchase a 2009 Prince Fire frame new in the UK with a saving of £800 less than the Dogma.

Would you go Prince or Dogma? Is there really much difference, I know a friend of mine who upgraded from a Prince to a Dogma, says the Dogma is stiffer on fast accelerations and more comfy on longer rides than the Prince.....any opinions out there. Do people think the Prince frame becoming a bit dated!!! I do like the Dogma paint jobs better than the Prince.


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