Scott CR1 SL - 11.99 lb (heavy version)

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by mdeth1313

I can't remember what the lowest weight I had on this bike was, but I thought this was pretty impressive. I think it was around 11.65 lbs. This version is 11.99 - .025 for the strap it's hanging from for an 11.965 lb weight, including the garmin 500 and speed/cadence sensor.

The difference between this version and the old version is this is setup involves a shimano 7900 11-27 cassette and edge 1.45 wheels (extralite hubs) instead of the stronglight 11-25 cassette and reynolds cirro sv wheels I had on for a light setup-- what you see here is the "everyday" setup I use. The cassette and wheel weight difference accounts for somewhere around 70-100g more weight. There have been some other changes-- mini i-links, edge 2.0 fork replaced by a 1.0 fork, 1 cm shorter extralite stem, fsa headset replaced by kcnc morion. I'll be cutting down the fork a bit more so that will drop a spacer or two and some steerer tube for a bit more weight savings (evolution of my position on the bike).

I'm in my 4th year of riding this frame-- still love it.

Current build:

Frame: 2006 scott cr1 sl
Fork: edge 1.0
headset: kcnc morion (extralite ultrastar expander)
wheelset: edge 1.45 w/ extralite hubs, challenge criterium tires, m2racer (non-qr) skewers
crankset: lightning 170mm compact w/ 50t stronglight ct2, 34t extralite octaramp, extralite chainring bolts
pedals: time iclic titan
chain: kmc x10sl
cassette: dura ace 7900 11-27 (should probably switch to 11-25)
cables/housing: brake- i-links w/ power cordz, gears- mini i-links
brakes: kcnc cb1 w/ swissstop yellow pads
seatpost: xx-light sp31 w/ lotz seatpost clamp
saddle: MLD 130mm
front derailleur: campy chorus (tuned)
rear derailleur: sram red (tuned)
stem: extralite ul3 90mm
handlebars: schmolke tlo white carbon (thanks madcow)
shifters: sram red w/ btp clamps-- FORGOT I have 3 pairs of btp carbon hoods I never installed- accounts for 20-30g less.
bottle cages: emporelli dolomiti (love these)

did I forget anything?
scott 11.99 floor a.jpg
scott 11.99 hanging a.jpg
scott 11.99 scale a.jpg
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by prendrefeu


You need a Megadeth sticker on it, just behind the steerer on the down tube.

Nice Scott!
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by mdeth1313

thanks- megadeth was a college nickname-- have seen them several times in concert.
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by Powerful Pete

I like it. Very nice ride. Who said bikes could not be light and durable?
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by BmanX

sweet looking build. Great work.

Cervelo SLC 5960g/13.13 lbs

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by nigel379

Sexy and impressive weight!

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Word that comes to mind when i 1st saw the pics is
WOW :shock:

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by mdeth1313

thanks- I just remembered (and edited the original post), I have a few sets of btp carbon hoods I haven't installed yet- been using hudz right now becaus they're thicker- I had surgery on my hand in January and the thicker hood helps reduce vibration a bit.
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by CBJ

Looks great. Love the chrome stickers.

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by micky

Great work!

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