Canyon Ultimate CF SLX Stealth Bomber

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by Blackwidow

Frameset: Canyon Ultimate CF SLX
Groupset: Dura Ace 9000
Wheels: Fulcrum Racing Zero Nite
Bars: Deda Superlegerra
Saddle: Selle Italia Kit Carbonio SLR (custom kangaroo leather!)

Whilst I loved my previous all-Italian C59 setup (SR group), this new frame/groupset/wheel combo shows up every creak/flex/rattle that I was putting up with on the old machine - my new bike works perfectly in every way!

The wheels, for anyone considering them, are spectacular! Brakes are unreal but without the squeal of Ksyriums, hubs are super smooth, and coasting is super quiet, making it easy to fly under the radar or launch a sneaky move!



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by Racing2

F-117 ;-) Real nice bike, love the wheel combo with the frame, works really well.

by Weenie

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by mrgray

looks fantastic and very sleek. wheels look good but be interesting to see it with some deep carbon. what is the weight? saddle is an incredible touch. well done sir!
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by Delorre

As I've the same frame/wheel combo, I can only say that is't a lovely match! Rest of the bike is also up to spec to be a fantastic bike! Congrats. Can you give a short comparison with your previous c59 regarding (own thoughts on the CF SLX)

-stifness (BB perfectly stiff in a good way, I wish front end was a little stiffer)
-comfort (does a magic job in filtering vibrations and small irregularities)
-steering & handling (very, very direct, simetimes a little twitchy, that's where higher front end stiffness could help. Nevertheless, a real pleasure in twisty downhills)

If you want to save some weight, you could consider a Ritchey superlogic seatpost (145 gr vs 220gr), near perfect visual match 'cause really stealth and why not a lighter handlebar (suppose your's alu). See mine f.ex (

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by bfno

Sweet Busyman! Think I saw him post that one on Instagram. I notice your in Aus too, how did you get your Canyon in? I've got an Aeroad SLX coming via mail forwarder.
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by siriz75

Hey bfno - how did the mail forwarder work out for you so far? I would like to try the same though from up in Toronto Canada.

Any advice would be great!

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by dondomingo

Nice bike! Love the fulcrum wheels...

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by siriz75

Anyluck with advice on getting an aeroad slx to Toronto Canada?

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by spartan

beautiful stealth machine ...when will Canyon come to NA !!! what is the delay...
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by 50cal

You could do with a friend or family in Europe, preferably mainland Europe as the prices are about 16% cheaper there compared to the UK due to the Euro falling this much in the last 9 months. Then get them to mail it over to you via UPS or similar. Probably cost about £200-250 to do this.

Due to the weak Euro, 2 friends and I have ordered for collection in Germany and I'm driving over to collect them. I'm saving about £600 doing this and them about £475 each as they're paying for me to go.

This means I'm getting an Aeroad 8.0 for £3000 ($5750 CAD /$4660 USD) as opposed to £3600 UK price :thumbup:

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by Lafolie

stunning - just love Canyon !

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by astranoc

It's a lovely bike, well done. What's the weight?

by Weenie

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