My New 2007 Tarmac Expert

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by fujio001

Here is my beautiful baby! It is not nearly as weenie as most but I am working on it. Not a bad buy for $1800 though. It is probably about 16.5-17 but I have not had a chance to weight it. The seatpost is quite a pig and will eventually be switched out.
Specialized tarmac expert pictures 005.jpg
Specialized tarmac expert pictures 004.jpg
Specialized tarmac expert pictures 003.jpg
Specialized tarmac expert pictures 002.jpg
Specialized tarmac expert pictures 001.jpg

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by journeymonk

That's pretty nice. Care to share a picture from the drivetrain side?

Chain on the big ring, too (you already got the garage door). :lol:

You'll get that joke when you hang out long enough here on WW.

Enjoy! (your stay here and most especially, the bike!)

"Truth is a pathless land." - Jiddu Krishnamurti

6.29 kg and dropping...

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by Newton

Nice tarmac :wink: ...but is the saddle in the right position?

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by sawyer

that seatpost is indeed a horrible pig. 250g ish i think.

i recommend easton EC90. others on here like thomson a lot. Both 160gish

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