my first WW attempt.. not even close! Kestrel Talon SL

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by theStig

1. Yes, GREAT idea on removing the bonti decals. I think they look pretty tacky. Maybe get some black anodized spokes as well?

2. For wheels, I'm probably going to have to buy a used set. My budget is around ~$1000 US (I can probably get 400 for the current wheels).

3. Yes I do need to cut the steerer another inch or two. Anyone have any tips on driving in the retaining nut inside the steerer when you have a carbon fork? I was thinking of just jamming a screwdriver in there and whacking with a mallet, but I don't want to damage the fork.

4. DJ: Its hard to describe. Every review I've read said this frame is stiff yet comfortable - and they're right! I don't think its so much comfortable per se as it is SMOOOOTH. Plus it corners very well and climbs excellent for being a 17+ lb bike. I bought the frame used and the guy kindly left the original cabling inside. So all I had to do was tape the new cable on and pull it through. Even so it took half an hour to thread everything.

Thanks for the excellent feedback guys!

djconnel wrote:
The BingMan wrote:
smithrebel46 wrote:If I were you, I would remove the stickers from your bontrager wheels. I think the wheels would look better without all the white and red from the decals.

Good idé.

That's quite light for a triple chainring with Ultegra (heavy, even in SL, compared with Rival, but with Rival, you'd need to live with the 34/28, which is 9% bigger than your 30/27).

I've read positive reviews about the ride quality of this frame. But the internal cable routing is supposed to be the toughest on the market. Did you route your own cables?


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