Show me your Winter bikes

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by Dalai

cerro wrote:flaaier: SKS is very nice. I have Bluemels. Don't buy Zefal, they aren't good at all.

+1 Zefals were useless. They had a quick clip which if knocked once or twice tended to not hold the guards after that. So I spent the one winter using them held together with tape... :evil:

I now have the SKS chromoplastics mounted on an older steel frame which had eyelets, so was simple to install and use a much more secure mounting system.

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by flaaier

Thanks for the input guys. I think i'm going to buy the sks raceblade set, they look easy to mount and dismount. Those bleumels look real descent to, but i don't have extra eyelets on my frontfork.

Steve P
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by Steve P

flaaier wrote:Thanks for the input guys. I think i'm going to buy the sks raceblade set, they look easy to mount and dismount. Those bleumels look real descent to, but i don't have extra eyelets on my frontfork.

Neither did I so I used a couple of plastic seatpost reflector brackets, worked treat.


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by Fooky

Here is My winter bike, old faithful! No where near a WW bike but its sturdy, strong and deals with 16-15stone of me on it all year round! I love it!!

Bob Jackson 631 custom built frame
ITM carbon forks
Dura Ace STI's, front mech and chainset
Ultegra rear mech
RX100 brake calipers
Oval bar and stem
FSA seatpin
SLR saddle
Askium rear wheel
Cosmos front
Gatorskin 700 x 23 tyres
Esge SKS guards
Tortec rear rack
Sigma pooter
L&M Vega front light
Electron rear light.
Kirkys Training Bike 001.jpg
Fookys winter steed

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by Vikingman

Well, as the Cervelo P3 allready has a half integrated mudgard in the rear wheel : i extended it with a SKS raceblade to get a nice triathlon winterbike. Since the picture was taken i have closed the gab under the rearbrake by gluing a 2nd section of mudgard onto the SKS, so it is now fully extended and integrated with the seattubecutout.

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by Morpeth

good god ^^^ :D

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by Willier

"Smart may have the answers, but stupid have all the interesting questions."

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by jalapeno

lol, laughing at reactions above! If you're doing TT-specific training in your race position i think it's a grand idea, assuming you can afford a P3 as a winter machine...
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by Leviathan

That P3 looks so out their it kind of transcends ugly and goes back to being cool again- its like the guy I saw going over a 1500m col on a brompton :lol:
nathanong87 wrote:
i used to come to the pro cycling discussion thread for pro pictures

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giant man
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by giant man

That's the funniest thing I've seen in a long time! :D

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by tochnics

if that p3 is just a winterbike then its full on bike loving there

i heard about a guy riding to spain on a brompton folding bike
i had the bike and mayby its the same person
this on had a double chainring crank without a front mech
mind you all bromptons only have hub gears

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by Shamus

Here´s my other winter toy...

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by Flossie

Here’s my ’winter hack’!

A bit OTT, but well cared for and oh so nice to ride !
With the Nutron wheels it weighs 19.1 pounds with the mudguards. I’m not really one for bike maintenance, hence the 280s hubs, ceramic rims, plus all the other bearings are sealed cartridges.

Hope you like it!

Build List

George Longstaff custom built Audax frame. Fully fillet brazed Columbus Life tubing. Clearances for 25mm tyres and mud guards, 3 sets of bottle cage mounts. Tubus Fly rack painted to match (Not fitted on Photo)
Carbon fork with carbon steerer
Sanmarco Era saddle, Selcof carbon post
ITM Pro 260 bars, Sintace F99 stem (Ti bolts). Fizik tape
Record Ergo’s, Chainset, front and rear Mechs, KMC chain
Time RXS carbon pedals
ShimaNO long reach callipers (Oh, how I wish Campag made some!)
32 spoke DT 280s Hubs, Mavic Open Pro CD Ceramic rims. Conti GP 4 Season 25mm tyres (Campag Nutrons for long Audaxes)
Elite Pase carbon cages
Plenty of Ti Bolts. ... run021.jpg ... run027.jpg ... run026.jpg ... run025.jpg

PS How the hell do I post these Pictures??? :evil:
Could one of you Gents do the honors? Thanks.
Arms of a sprinter, legs of a climber, lungs of a smoker!
I cycle, therefore I am.

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by ridley86

Here you go Flossie. You have to remove ?action=view&current= and put the whole string between img tags.


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by bomber

my winter ride before i added the race blades

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