I love to ride my bike. CR1 SL [new wheels]

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by tcr

shalako wrote:Thank you for the recommendation re: Toupe saddle. It's nearly half the price of a SLR Kit Carbon Flow but 30-80g heavier, depending on whether it's the base, gel, or team. I told myself any replacements had to be lighter but I guess that went out the window when I put the Pitlocks on. But they're practical; can't always put a little u-lock around two wheels and a pole, and I need to be able to take this thing to the grocery store occasionally. So a few grams more for a comfy saddle makes sense. The SLR I have now isn't as comfy as the $45 Forte SLX (207g) I rode for years.

Regarding anodized crank bearing cups: when I was doing research I read a lot of posts from people who didn't like the red. It's true, they don't necessarily match the color theme (if there is one) of the stock build, but I think it's a fun little touch of bling. I bought the KFL's because I wanted a compact 175 and it dropped about half a pound off the DA!

Next on the list: saddle, pedals, wheels!

Wheels... American Classics seem too good to be true - 3 lb wheelset for $350 or so! I'd like to see if I can get a sub-1400g set without breaking the bank. I'd like a more comfortable ride than the Ksyerium SL's, but they still have to hold up to commuting over bad city streets. Anyone?


Dude if you are riding a bike this nice to go grocery shopping you really need a dedicated shop bike!! I have 4 and my favourite would have to be this 3 speed coaster brake Indi 500 :D


by Weenie

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by shalako

don't i know it!

now that this is pretty much all i could want in a road bike, i've been thinking a lot about a commuter/around-town bike. i don't like to lock it up (and have been going grocery shopping less as a result).

i've been thinking about a single-speed just for it's simplicity (maybe even - gasp - a fixed, tho definitely with a brake). i have a spare 1 1/8" fork, but all the frames i've seen with horizontal drop-outs have 1" head tubes.

i'd be really interested to hear other ideas to this prob; i'll search the forum to see if others are talking about their commuter bikes.

my needs in a commuter bike: lightweight! :) i live in a 3rd story walk-up, so i don't want to be lugging a 30 lb cruiser up and down the stairs.
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