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by teterider

I've just recently started participating on this forum. I've been road riding for 21 years and MTBing for 17. I raced both but now only do the occasional road race.

Here is my Lemond Tete De Course. This build follows my usual trend of building up a bike piece by piece. The initial build-up was in September 2006 with small substitutions done since then. The new SLR saddle was the last piece and finally dropped it below my meaningless but tareget 16 lbs (7257 grams). Its stands at 15.9 lbs (7215 grams) even including the 14 grams of tire air and bottle cages not shown. At this weight its not really a "weight weenie" bike, but rides smooth and is solid. Now that its below target weight I can finally rest for a while on seeking parts, well I'm still keeping watch for new wheels.

This is a quick picture I took after the new saddle went on. I need some better pictures of it that only good natural daylight can give (or a bounce flash) so nice pics will have to wait until spring.

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by jalapeno

very classy machine, I like those frames. The red saddle and tape works well, any more red would have been too much.
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by currieinahurry

i think a really subtle red decal on the chainstays would balance it out nicely. but it already looks gorgeous.

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by Juanmoretime

Very nice and tastefully done!

The BingMan
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by The BingMan

Love the lemond frame.
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by DC41

I love my Tete de Course as well. Click on my signature to see some pics. It's a great contrast to my Canyon. They sure are two different kinds of bikes, but I love 'em both.
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by allons-y

i cant tell which keo you have, but if its the sprint, maybe get the red one, it would match really nice/could be the finishing touch?

just a thought, thats a really ncie bike

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