new 2007 Epic S-Works Carbon build

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quantum pro
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by quantum pro

I called my local shop asking if the new Brain shock would fit my 05 M5 Epic Sworks Aluminum frame. Specialized said it wouldn't fit since it the new shock has 10mm more travel. They offered a trade in for S-Works owners. They gave me $1,000 off a new frame. They just needed the old frame, they let me keep the old carbon link, the fox brain.

I believe this is a solid build without using exotic light parts (ax-lightness...)
Here is the build sheet:
Frame 17" carbon Epic 2501g (chainstay,seat collar,hs bearings)
Stem: Ritchey WCS 90cm 103g
Hbar: easton EC99 105g
Shifters: XO shorty twist: 195g with cables
Housing: 85g
Seatpost: Easton Zero 175g cut
Saddle: XXX: 125g
Brakes: Magura SL: 603g with notubes rotors
(160m stans front, 140m stans rear with ti rotor bolts)
Crankset: Bontrager XXX lite 538g 2x9
BB: CB Cyan Ti 172g
Cassette: XTR 9speed 11-32 225g with lockring
Wheelset: NoTubes 1360g
Tires: Spec SLK 2bliss with stans 1076g
QR: bolt-skewers 64g
chain: PC991-HP 263g
Fork: Pace RC39 Type-C 100mm 1365g
FD: DA 89g
RD: XO medium cage 205g
Pedals: Triple Ti w/ short spindle 176g
Grips: cut Pork Rinds 5g
Starnut: FSA carbon Super Star 9g
Total grams: 9439
Total: 20.79lb





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by biky

nice solid build
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by $mokeyJoe

Nice build indeed...and nice equiped place you've there! :wink:
*Light is beautiful*
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by Nicola

Sauser teach.........

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by pieterp

Nice work on the pictures!

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by popawheelie

Nice build! Let us know how you like the handling. I assume you have ridden a brain before. Is this bike for racing? I've heard mixed reviews of the brain. Can you set different activation levels for the brain?

quantum pro
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by quantum pro

yes this is my new race bike for 07.
I traded in my 05 sworks epic for the 07. The old fox brain fade would be too active on rough climbs. I felt it stayed open too long. This is supposed to be fixed with the 07. I have yet to take it out for a ride. I'll let you know how it feels when I do.

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by LNC

Nice bike.. very good build, looks fast too. I'm interested to know how well the brain shock switches on and off.

How well does it perform on the downhills? Obviously that thing is meant for climbing, but I'm curious to know how such a light bike does when you're descending.

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by littledave

Nice build, I hope that my current hardtail build comes out that light !

As a matter of interest what do you make of the forks ?
I have not decided whether Pace of Fox foraks will grace the front of my bike when it is finished.

Thanks, Dave

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by Focus_ua

Very nice!
Why Pace fork instead of FoxX? How it works?
Black is great color, i like it... Interesting, how red one will look... My 07year is coming in february...
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by seriousconsult

Is this SHIMANO® Dura-Ace® 7803 Triple Front Derailleur?
Does a double work?

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by Skillgannon

seriousconsult wrote:Is this SHIMANO® Dura-Ace® 7803 Triple Front Derailleur?
Does a double work?

Wouldn't it just be a double :? - he's only running 2 chainrings

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I'm a roadie but I must say that is a good lookin bike. I love that crank, looks good with the frame.

quantum pro
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by quantum pro

I bought some Middleburn duo 29/42t
they are very nicely machined cranks. the 2x9 duo complete with chainring bolts and Crank bolts is 560g
the Bontrager XXX lite in 2x9 is 536g

Middleburn cost me $300.00
Bontrager XXX cost me $600.00
I think thats the most $ per gram I've seen.

Looks like I'm selling the XXX

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by laurence313

Hi there,
Can you please let us know how the 140mm Stans rotor performs with the Marta brake in the rear?


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