My bike---litespeed tanasi 8.45kg( updated:SID returned)

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by Rey

BTW, I have some question about the color of the saddle ?

I will replace the fox into sid world cup in white, and have ordered a middleburn rs-8 crankset, and planning to change tune wheelset in black.

After all the above, which color of saddle do you think I should use?

Black, or still the green ?
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by GuNKiLLaH

Tell me more about those deralieurs.
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by Rey

they are made by paul component. I think they had ceased their production of derailleur( front and rear) around 10 years ago.

the front derailleur can suited top-pull / down-pull styled bike frame by changeing pieces, which was included when I purchased it; It also can accustom 31.8/34.9 by adding shim.
And the weight is unknown, becoz I forgot to wegiht it. :twisted:

The rear is 180g , and I think nth worthy to introduce. :lol: :lol:

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