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by IanMarcuse

Hey, im a junior from richmond, Virginia and ive been riding road bikes for 2 years and just finished my first season in september.. im hooked for life! Im a cat 3 road but love cyclocross and track racing. Here is my bike.. not many people have heard of CSK but its a good aluminum bike and came from a sponser.


deda newton- shallow bars and stem
wheels- dura ace 10 hubs/ open pro ceramic
dura ace 10 group/ ultegra brakes
fizik saddle on a heavy ass ritchey seat post

not a very light bike but I love it! any advice for the best lite seatpost?
just found an awesome deal on a powertap sl! im excited to be training with power soon

i have an awesome keiren frame track bike too that i got from a freind that imports frames from japan.

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by Skillgannon

Nice bike - looks very solid and dependable for a race bike

As for the best light seatpost - its unquestionably the AX Lightness seatposts, as long as you don take price into account when you say 'best'

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by IanMarcuse

best light UNEXPENSIVE seatpost.. the one on now is a freebe off a cheap mountain bike and im sure anything is lighter

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by bissell

deda blackstick or easton ec90

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by xpert

Thomson... Light stiff and not very expensive as ax lightness or easton

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