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by jalapeno

Hello, I've been around a while now but never got around to putting together a proper intro, but I'm off work sick at the mo ( :( ) so time on my hands..... I'll post the bike pics first as that's what you really want to see I imagine, this is the current fleet (all with Campag of course... except the expedition bike which has that other stuff on it...)

Storck Scenario Pro, 16lbs
Merlin Extralight, 14.5lbs
Storck CD1.0 13.5lbs
Merckx Corsa Extra vintage fixie, weight - no idea
Condor Pista, weight... no idea again, nice to ride tho!
Soma Rush winter fixie, would rather not know what it weighs
Thorn Nomad Expedition bike, HEAVY, but bombproof (pic is me and bike at 17,500ft in the Himalayas a few years ago). 531 steel with 531 racks, XT drive train and Paul thumbies - reliable.

also coming soon, the only Ganwell Pro keirin bike in the UK (a waste of money but since the builder died they're becoming vanishingly rare and I just wanted it...) and a Surly Crosscheck for hacking around the local bridleways. Currently without MTB or TT bike (previously Epic S Works and Isaac Efficiency) as I sold them a year ago when I got sick, but I'm recovering rapidly now so they'll be replaced this year - I miss the racing.
Quick bio, 34yrs, asthmatic kid so started racing late at 20, did well for a few years, bu99ered off travelling after uni, still race but more oriented now towards long cyclosportifs, MTB endurance and navigation events etc. Love touring in wild in wild and remote places, preferably with mountains, deserts etc. (probably because it's cheap travelling by bike...)
Other stuff... check my photography/website at http://www.mikesimagination.net

Oh yes, I'm an engineer by the way and I live in the UK, in a frighteningly hilly part of it, but it's beautiful and it makes the fixies a bit more challenging! Almost forgot, I spend too much on cycling too....:D
17,500ft in the Himalaya, was there for a few weeks with my camping gear. Other trips have been Paki
mostly old campag stuff, heavy but rides really well
Bit of an indulgence I suppose...
picked up the tatty frame on fleabay and refurbed with vintage campag, Phil hubs
not much to say really.... it flies
a modern classic to my mind...
Not so light but a fab ride
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by bikeman71

Super sweet fleet. Great bio as well. I am a ti guy so i really appreciate the Merlin, but I would love to take a ride on the Storck CD1.0.

Get well soon. Spring is right around the corner.

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