SPIN gato (updated 12.08.14)

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by Fabian

SPIN gato

(picture of 03.09.11)

Technical Data:

SPIN gato, Size 59 cm + BB cable guide (864+4,2 g) 868,2 g
RH 59 cm (c-t) / 53,5 cm (c-c)

Frame weight (bare w/o painting) 833 g - Lateral stiffness 99 Nm/° --> STW-value 118,8 Nm/°/kg


THM Carbones Scapula SP tuned, Steerer length 240 mm 248,6 g


tune Bobo + Expander Extralite UltraStar 2 (79,8+10,8 g) 90,6 g

Schmolke Carbon TLO Ergo-0°, 44 cm (a-a) 143,9 g

Bar Tape:
Deda Bar Tape + Lenkerendstopfen (Deda) (34,8+4,6 g) 39,4 g

Syntace F99 Ti, Ø 26,0 mm, 6°/105 mm 100,0 g

BBB Carbon (UltraSpace BHP-35), 20 mm 5,7 g

AX-Lightness Phoenix 65,0 g

Schmolke Carbon TLO, Ø 31,6x280 mm 79,2 g

Seatpost Binder:
BTP Sub3g, Ø 34.9 mm 2,9 g


SRAM Red tuned 251,4 g

Front Derailleur:
SRAM Red tuned 58,3 g

Rear Derailleur:
SRAM Red tuned 97,2 g

Zero Gravity 0G-05 Ti incl. ZG Padholders & Lightweight/SwissStop pads 190,5 g

Shift Cables/Housing:
Gore Ultralight Shift Housing incl. Liner & Outer Caps + Shift Cables incl. Liner (34,3+21,6 g) 55,9 g

Brake Cables/Housing:
Phobia Pearlz / Nokon Pearls incl. Liner + Brake Cables Shimano (45,9+26,7 g) 72,6 g


Crankset complete incl. BB:
THM Carbones Clavicula, BCD ø 130 mm, 175 mm, 50/39 561,0 g

consisting of:
-Crankset + Crankarm Bolt (THM Clavicula) (145,6+213,6+3,5 g) 362,7 g

-Chainrings (Stronglight CT² 50/39) (79,4+35,9) 115,3 g

-Chainring Bolts (Shimano Dura Ace Alu) 9,5 g

-BB Cups (THM) 73,5 g

Speedplay X1 Ti tuned 127,1 g

KMC X10SL, 106 Links 221,8 g

Cassette Sprocket:
SRAM Red OG-1090, 11-26 T. 167,0 g


Front Wheel:
CarbonSports Lightweight Ventoux Gen. II (20 Spokes) 418 g

Rear Wheel:
CarbonSports Lightweight Ventoux Gen. II (24 Spokes, tune MAG160 Hub, Shimano Freewheel-Body) 518 g

Conti Competition 19 Vectran (228,5+230,6 g) 459,1 g

Tire Glue:
Conti Rim Cement (gross weight) 24,0 g

Air (10 bar):
Fresh compressed air powered by SKS Rennkompressor ;) 8,0 g

tune U20 26,7 g


Bottle Cages:
2x BTP Sub7g Uni + BTP Alu Bottle Cage Bolts (11,8+3,7 g) 15,5 g


4.915,6 g

+ Computer:
CicloSport HAC4 (Computer, Receiver & Sender) (39,0+27,6+23,7 g) 90,3 g
5.005,9 g

"Catalogue Net Weight" (w/o Pedals, Computer, Bottle Cages) 4.776,7 g


Update 05.01.07: tune seatpost cutted (-7 cm, -25,3 g)
Update 21.01.07: the old 1" NoName carbon spacer tuned (wall thickness reduced, -4,1 g)
Update 23.03.07: fork steerer cutted another 15 mm , new 1 1/8" NoName carbon spacer tuned (wall thickness reduced), tune Gum Gum mounted (total -24 g)
Update 29.04.07: thanks to Stefan Behrens' special exchange new LW Ventoux received and mounted. (-56 g)
Update 22.05.07: new saddle mounted: AX-Lightness Phoenix (-16 g)
Update 22.07.07: at last exchanged the F99 (recall campaign), but the new is 2,4 g heavier :cry: (+2,4 g)
Update 17.08.07: finally got a new online photoalbum, all pic links reactivated.
Update 26.10.07: Schmolke Carbon TLO seatpost mounted (-91,8 g)
Update 19.04.08: rebuild to SRAM Red: shifter, front derailleur, rear derailleur (-153 g)
Update 25.04.08: rebuild to SRAM Red cassette (before this, the freewheel body was replaced by Tune, cause the cassette didn't fit the old body). Special thanks to Tune for the very fast support! (-31 g)
Update 09.04.09: Spina Scapulae removed, steerer cutted (-5 mm, 5 mm spacer above stem removed), tune Gum Gum-bolt cutted (-9 mm), Phobia Pearlz mounted, old Nokon pearls maintain under bar tape, chain shortened (108->106 links), new bar tape (-24,0 g)
Update 26.04.09: new B-T-P bottle cages mounted, B-T-P Soft Carbon hoods mounted (-19,6 g)
Update XX.05.09: BTP Sub3g Seatpost Binder mounted (-9,7 g)
Update 14.08.11: new pichoster, all pic links reactivated
Update 10.10.11: SRAM Red Front Derailleur & Rear Derailleur tuned by Roza Customs (-56,7 g)
Update 12.08.14: new parts: handlebar, bar tape, expander, skewer (-13,2 g)

Date: 12.08.14
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by Weenie

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by Luc

How do you name it...?..."The 8th Wonder" ??

Man...this is just überklass - bike !!!

:thumbup: :exactly:
Pollice verso.

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by fluffy

Now this is lightweight. Superb looking bike

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by bissell

beautiful! great build and documentation of weights! top class!

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by ejm

Fabian, well done!
It's not only light, but is also beautiful!

enjoy it!

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Simply superb, all the best, yet in a beautiful look that I love. Great build!

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by allerge99


simply amazing! superb job

how does it ride?

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by zauberer

SPIN gato - just another expensive and boring black bike ;-)

the white bar tape isn't black enough :wink:

I like these DA parts and admire you didn't build this bike with Record Carbon parts as anyone else would have done it :thumbup:

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by brianwchan

bravo! beautiful build!

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by Shamus

That is great build! :popcorn:

Where can I buy those Deda bar end blug´s?

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by cortinovis

suuuper bike, nice work man :P

one question, is you bike attached to a wall ore something, i doens't stand on the floor i think?
Good luck Sheldon Brown and may Igor fly with you.

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by Fabian

Thanks guys for the positive feedback.

zauberer wrote:the white bar tape isn't black enough Wink

I like these DA parts and admire you didn't build this bike with Record Carbon parts as anyone else would have done it
Don't worry, before I ride Campa, I change to SRAM Force (as planned for this year).

Shamus wrote:Where can I buy those Deda bar end blug´s?
They came in stock with the bar tape. This is the shop where I bought the tape and the plugs are available separately: http://www.bike-components.de/catalog/D ... anguage=en

cortinovis wrote:one question, is you bike attached to a wall ore something, i doens't stand on the floor i think?
Yes, you're right. The bike is hanging on the wall in my room. I hope i can take some open air pics this weekend, these days the weather wasn't good enough.

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by cswi9367

i dig the rack. i mounted my bike very similar to this using my pedal axle on a car mounted rack. i milled out a piece of teflon plastic to clamp around my pedal axle. it worked great.

your bike is very nice looking, great work!

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by geraintnorman

Well done - this is probably the nicest bike I've ever seen!

by Weenie

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by Warblade

How's the Spin holding up? Have any of the parts broken yet?

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