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by WheresWaldo

Hi everyone, I have been a lurker on this board for some time. I find it very interesting reading. Although I am not a true weight weenie, I am interested in lightweight yet robust bikes.

I currently have three working road bikes, two bikes in various states of disrepair and a non-working (parts missing) mountain bike. I also ride a Cannondale tandem with my daughter. Usually I post on BikeForums and occasionally on RBR. I find the crowd here and at Fairwheel more accommodating and informative.

I was cycling through high-school and into my twenties, I dabbled in racing but much preferred riding centuries and training with friends than racing, besides I was never really good at hill climbing. I took a 17 year layoff from cycling to put on weight. I ballooned up to 346 pounds. In January of 2006 I had gastric bypass surgery and in March 2006 I started riding again. Now with almost 2000 miles traveled in 2006 I am down to 220 pounds with an eventual goal of 200 by spring 2007.

I am one of the unwashed that bought a bike from an internet reseller, BikesDirect (I have actually bought three from them). One I ride myself, the second was for my daughter. The third was bought simply for the parts to do a build for my 2007 bike. The current stable contains the following:

A Lg/Sm 2006 Cannondale Tandem, this was the first new bike I had purchased in about 19 years. It was the start of my rebirth in cycling. The second bike is a 56cm TST Ti with full Ultegra. This bike currently resides in Oregon at my parents home. I bought this frame as a project to do while I was recovering from surgery earlier this year. The third bike purchased was for my daughter and was the first of three bikes I bought from BD. It was a Motobecane LeChampion SL. Some minor changes were made to accommodate her tastes. Stickers removed, stem changed, saddle and seatpost changed, tires and bar tape replaced. The Cane Creek brakes were also swapped out for some Ultegra units. The next purchase was a Motobecane Immortal Force. It is their carbon framed Ultegra equipped bike. I have ridden it the bulk of the near 2000 miles this year without incident. Again a few changes for fit and for looks to make it my own. The last bike purchase was a Mercier Draco, which was simply bought because I wanted the groupset and wheelset, Dura-Ace and Ritchey Protocols. The frame, once stripped and since repainted will be used in bad weather for training and some racing that I am planning to do in 2007.

The 2007 project bike is the frame that BikeForum members were able to get a group buy on. It is from Pedal Force and is their RS frame. I believe it is manufactured by ADK out of Taiwan. I have a parts list that I will post in a subsequent message along with pictures of all the bikes. I would like some comments on the PF RS build when I post the list.

Sorry for the long post, but since this is an introduction, I hoped the background information would bring some familiarity when I respond to other postings in your various forums. :waving:

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by Juanmoretime

Welcome to the ww forums. After joining in here myself I took my bikes to weights, while remaining reliable daily riders, that I never could be acheived. It's awesome to be among alike mind individuals with a lot of positive encourgement and feedback whenever I have a need.

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