Your Carbon Frame can't hang with this...

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by ryanholio

I know I am gonna piss off a lot of carbon frame owners but there is no way there is a better riding bike out there than this. I don't know how they did it but this thing rides better, is lighter and faster than my 2004 Vortex. 1200 watt uphill sprints and NO CHAIN RUB. It is a Freaking Rocket on steroids. Your carbon frame can't compete. PERIOD. END OFF DISCUSSION. Flame on. I found the perfect ride. Better pics tomorrow.

[Edit by Frankie => 1. this is totally your opinion. Other people may not share it 2. As long as the pics are 1024 x 768 you can post them tomorrow. 3. This belongs in the Gallery]

Strong Bad
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by Strong Bad

Fine looking machine. I really like the looks of the white on Ti. If you keep doing those 1200 watt sprints though, your gonna want a stiffer fork. I had the same Real Design fork on my Merlin Works CR and it was pretty wimpy. I was able to improved the ride immensely AND save weight by by replacing it with a Profile Silencer SL.
BTW: There is no way there is a better riding bike out there than my Merlin. :)

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by UncleBob

I know I am gonna piss off a lot of carbon frame owners but there is no way there is a better riding bike out there than this.

You didn't piss me off!!!! At least the rear tire on my 2007 Orca isn't flat. :lol: :lol:
Whatever tickles you fancy mate. Carbon floats my boat.

Regards Dave :D

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by ryanholio

No problems with the fork at all. My Vortex has a EC90 SL and the Real is stiffer. The Merlin is very sweet. I am about to build up my friends CR6/4 this week with almost identical parts. It's gonna be sweet!

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by bikemesenger

Your bike looks really nice, but you don't have to make up things about it for us to like it.

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by toyota

Ok, why is nobody asking about the Ghisallo decal?? :?

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by kman

UncleBob wrote:At least the rear tire on my 2007 Orca isn't flat. :lol: :lol:

Regards Dave :D

LOL, good call.

Nice ride dude but whats the weight???
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by J-Nice

It's already been shown via testing at that the Ghisallo frame is a huge compromise in terms of stiffness. And yes I have ridden this frame and it is very flexy. I'm happy you love your bike and how it rides, but please...this is Weightweenies...go try and convince people who are a little less informed than we are.

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by iubike

Having ridden two of those frames, I as well as most the industry can attest to the lack of stiffness. Great looking bike, but a nice carbon build will ride just as well while being much stiffer. The problem with that frame is that you can grab the saddle, and the top of the steer tube and twist the whole frame. While riding the feeling is exacerbated.

Not really pissing carbon owners off, I have ridden quite a few Ti frames (Moots is my fav) and enjoy the ride. However, I do prefer the overall feel of carbon. Not to mention this is all a moot point, love the ride all you want (I really hope you do) but you can't argue the numbers, that frame is NOT as stiff to carbon frames of the same level.

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by calogero_vizzini

I would suggest that his entire post was in complete and utter sarcasm, because what he has said is absolute bollocks.

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by bobbyOCR

I don't have a carbon frame so maybe this post doesn't apply to me that much but, I am sure my SL01 could 'hang' it with your Ghisallo. I am also sure that the BB stiffness of my SL01 would embarrass some much more pricey frames. Nice paint though.
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by shabbasuraj

Ti? Meh.

( says the Mighty Yearly Sales Figure Gods.)
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by Asmussen

Many nice things on your bike, but the bottlecages?

To other weenies; when you take a picture, wouldn't it be much nicer if the chain was on the big chainring?

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by mrowkoob

Nice bike, enjoy it. I dont think you can stir up a commotion here with your statements though. I wonder how much weight the white paint job adds. Herbert do you know?
The unbearable wallet lightness of being a weightweenie

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by Tsielio

ghisallo's from a few years ago didn't have such a huge downtube i think
maybe that's what makes yours stiffer!
i remember lotto riders here a few years ago, they told me they had never ridden something 'more noodle' than ghisallo
vortex was rideable for the most, but not ghisallo
comfort is superb on those bikes!

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