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by klein_xc

Hi im new to the forums and thought i should post an introduction.
I'm 14, i live in Texas and i ride road and mountain. I ride road casually, my farthest Tour i road was 80 miles at the Spring Fever in Sulpher Springs.
i got great deals on all of my parts so in the end it only cost us about $1000 and it weighs somewhere around 17 pounds (it's not done yet, it still has some pretty heavy parts) so here is it so far:
Cannondale R2000 frame
Ouzo Pro Carbon Fork
White Carbon Spinergy Wheels
FSA Pro Carbon Cranks
Dura Ace Rear Derailleur
Dura Ace Front Derailleur
Dura Ace Cables
Dura Ace Brakes
Dura Ace Chain
Ultegra Bottom Bracket
Ultegra Brake Levers
Thomson Elite Seatpost
Avocet O2 Titanium Rail Saddle
Michelin Pro Tires
Bontrager Race Tubes
HEAVY Handlebars
HEAVY Pedals

So thats my road bike but i also Mountain Bike (a lot more actually). I raced in the DORBA DFW Championship Series and placed 2nd in each race in the 13-14 category (i was actually 12 at the time :twisted: ). I also raced in the 12 Miles of Hell, but got 3rd because me and my dad helped some people with flats.
Anyways ON TO THE BIKE. I dont know the specs right now, but it is a Klein Pulse Pro '97 frame, but everything else is replaced and it weighs about 21 lbs right now. Im looking into some other parts right now and there is alot of heavy parts on this bike right now, so it should be around 18-18.5 lbs by next month.

Well thanks for reading my introduction, im happy to be a part of the Weight Weenies Forum!

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