My Canyon F10 has arrived... (now with pics!)

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by Skillgannon

sfo423 wrote:Is there a Canyon dist. in the US? Pricing for F&F as well as complete? Their site does not do english so I can't tell if/where they are available.

There are no Canyon distributors anywhere - they did offer to take on distributors once buthave since stopped.

With the VAT removed, I remember one US rider on the board brought across a Canyon - including shipping and taxes etc. for 990 Euro's or something simmilar to that.

Their website should have english inthe next month or so at the most (I think, anyway)

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by Kuiper

There is a forummember at the forum named: Spytech
which got one, came in about 1200-1300 dollars?
anyway Canyon Sales Employee speaks fluent english, you will be in good hands with them.
they are also using Skype.
Mr. Ehrit is from the International Sales.

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I saw a guy at a race last sunday with one, the first one I have seen in the US, and he says it was fairly easy to get. You just call up canyon and give them all of your measurements, and they ship it to a middle man or something then ship it to the airport where you pick it up. Kind of confusing but it sounds like it can happen.

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by DC41

I faxed them my order when the frames were on sale for 999 euros (You can get the same deal if you're a licensed rider).

Here's how the finances broke down.

999 euro sale price
861 euro with VAT deducted
17 euro for 135mm stem
120 euro shipping

Total 998 euro

With the exchange rate on the day the charge went through, I paid $1263. The frameset was shipped one week after I ordered it, and arrived via USPS three weeks after the day it was shipped.

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