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by Tbartoe


My name is Tim I'm from Sacramento Ca. I've been an adult cyclist for neary 2 decades. I currently have two bikes each Steve Rex customs both are steel. I know Steel is heavy but I ride a lot and this material favors me. Anyway, one of my Rex's is geared the other fixed. The fixed gear bike can be seen on the Fixed gear gallery if you know of it. The geared bike is my reason for coming here.

My goal is to trim some fat from this bike. I weigh 200 pounds myself so having a bike under 20 pounds would be fine by me. Currently this bike weighed in over 23 pounds. I've stripped it and will be mounting a Titec Titanium stem, Salso handlebar and Shimano Ultegra drive train. The crankset is still an unknown. The wheels I have now are simply ultegra hubs laced to open pro's I'd like to get something lighter there as well. And last, I'm curious if anyone still makes a titanium bolt kit for shimano parts? If so any advice and info would be greatly appreciated.



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by Skillgannon

Hey, welcome to the forum

Unfortunatly, I cant think of anyone who makes Ti bike kits off the top of my head, but madcow ( would probably be your best bet, if he doesnt have any in his shop he can point out somewhere which will. I've seen a compelte set or two on ebay as well.

by Weenie

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