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by Scott!

I've been off the bike for about 6 years, and with an upcoming move to San Diego decided to get the old Pinarello out of the attic and start a nice training program with a goal of doing the Vail Hill Climb next year at the Teva Games. My TSX Gavia has literally been around the world with me, and it shows. I was crew on an icebreaking research ship, and it spent numerous months in the hold, so it has some scrapes and bruises. But it has seen the roads of France, the UK, Chile, Peru, Australia, Tasmania, Fiji, Bermuda and a brief ride in Antarctica just to say I did it.
The Gavia has a mix of Chorus and Record 8 speed and weighs in at a porky 21.5 lbs. I really needed new wheels, and rapidly came to the realization that I was a bit behind the times. I have not had anything to do with bicycles since then, other than to watch the Tour. So, 10 speed was a shock, as were all the carbon bits. It didn't take me long before I stumbled across the Dogma and it was love at first sight. No way I could drop that kind of money, but I eventually came across a Prince SL and picked up the frame for a decent price.

So, the Gavia is road ready, but still needs new wheels. The Prince is sitting in the living room as I scour the net for parts. My wish list for it is:

10 speed Record with Compact Crank
Zero Gravity Brake Calipers
Deda Newton Stem and Bars
Bike came with seatpost/fork/integrated headset (hate the seat mount)
For wheels I've been looking at the American Classic Sprint 350 for training. A friend has offered me a set of Bontrager Race X Lite Carbon Aero's with Conti Comp19's mounted and ready to go, plus a couple cassettes for a very tempting price, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to plunk down the money for a set of wheels that I'd probably only use for racing when the bike needs so many other parts.
Not too ambitious, and thus far the only definite things are the Campy front and rear derailleurs and shifters. I've attached a picture of the Gavia. Please be kind, it's like an old dog and I'll never stop loving it.

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by Skillgannon

Dear God - a conventional looking pinarello :shock:

(Welcome aboard)

by Weenie

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by Hyde

Nice ride!

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