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by Smahatma

I would personally ditch those avid mech discs ASAP. I use to run those, but after needing to replace both rotors and pads and seeing how much it would cost, I just decided to pay a bit more and switch to 04 marta SL's. I can't fully describe in words how much better a good hydraulic system, especially the martas are than the avids. It may even be a bit lighter -- listed weights for the sl's are including the lever.

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Frankie - B
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by Frankie - B

My "to be" single speed. I got a complete bike and repainted/polished the frame. Now it is going to be my single speed.
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by Furti

This is my bike:
Giant '04 XTC carbon 19,5" (brake studs+rear derailleur hanger) 1322g
SEAT CLAMP Giant Aluminium 22g
SEAT POST FRM ST M-20 Carbon 27,2x350mm 166g
SADDLE Tune Speedneedle lycra 88g
BAR ENDS Ritchey WCS Short with plugs 108g
STEM Ritchey WCS 6/110mm 142g
HANDLEBAR Ritchey WCS cut: 520mm 126g
HEAD SET Ritchey WCS excl.: top cup+bolt 111,7g
GRIPS Ritchey WCS 44g
FORK ROCK SHOX SID Race2004 (184mm steerer with starnut)1312g
FRONT DERAILLEUR Shimano XTR FD-M953 (34,9 TS) 130g
CRANK SET Shimano XTR FC-M960 (22,32,44) 788g
CASETTE Shimano XTR CS-M960 11-32 238g
CHAIN Shimano XTR 104 links 265g
PEDALS Egg beater Twin titan 224g
BRAKES AVID Single Digit Titan without pipes 330g
FRONT WHEEL Mavic Crossmax SL 678g

REAR WHEEL Mavic Crossmax SL 826g

SKEWERS FRM 1 Titan 71g
TYRES Continental Explorer supersonic 2,1" 926g
TUBES No tube Liquid latex 160g
BOTTLE CAGES Tune 2x carbon with bolts 21,6g
COMPUTER KM MAGNETMavic Crossmax SL For zycral spoke 6g
COMPUTER FIXING 4x plastic strips 2g
CABLES AND HOUSINGSNokon Konkavex with brake pipes 136g
TOTAL [g]: 8978g

With maxxis lighweight tyres this total weight is around 8830g.
MTB XC and Marathon racer from Hungary
Trek 9.9 carbon :)

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by MaLóL

tib; why do you have a specialized sticker on your headset tube?
Happy trails !!!!!

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by IanB

When I'm not riding my Pace, I'm out in the hills an Intense Spider XVP. Not spectacularly light at a little over 11kg, but able to handle the hard mountain trails in Wales.
I've got some 2.3" conti tyres on it at the mo, and it just eats rocks on the decents :D

If you really need to know whats on it and what it all weighs, then have a look here
My Intense Spider XVP

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by Pedä


i have a schmolke scandium mtb (7,9kg), a schmolke scandium road bike (7,2kg), a giant xtc (9,3kg) and a monty trial bike (11kg)

my mtb would be under 7,7kg in the next months, my roadbike under 6,1!

after that i´ll post some pics here in the forum

(all weights are real, with pedals/ bottlecage)

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by scapin

Hi! I would say only two things: Adri, Tib and Furti your bikes are super! :thumbup: However I prefer Moots because is very very chic! 8) Try-Athlete, is your bike too big for you? The stem is short and much part of the seatpost is within the frame. However this is my bike...

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by ubo

My bike :


skewers / Use ti / 56
cables / ride on ultra light + ride on brake / 164
frame / TREK Fuel 100 OCLV - M / 2380
headset caps / FRM C-set / 22
cassette / XRT 12-34 / 248
Chain / XT / 268
Inner tube / victoria latex *2 / 260
handlebar / answer hyperlyte cut to 550 gr ( -6 gr) / 120
rear D / XO / 212
front D / XTR diam 34,9 TP down route / 143
spacer / carbon 5 mm / 3
Fork / Sid world cup / 1310
brakes / avid SD Ti av+ar+screw / 336
Headset / FSA Xtreme / 120
brakes levers / Paul component / 126
shifters / XO / 170
Pedals / Xpedo mg/ti / 226
crankset / XTR 44-32 / 766
tires (Av/Ar) / conti explorer super AV + comp slight Ar / 892
grip / profile / 16
bottle cage / tune + screw / 10
Stem / syntace 120 mm / 111
Wheelset / tune (hub)+dt aero+rigida / 1500
Saddle / SLR ti / 145
seatpost / USE alu d=31,6, l=320 / 174

9778 gr

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by scapin

And this is my technical list:

Frame: Scapin Oto’s 19” (titanium cantilever) 1650 g
Fork: Rock Shox Sid Race Titanium ’02 (titanium cantilever) 1340 g
Headset: Extralite The Head (with expander-plug Ultrastar 8g) 76 g
Spacers: FSA Carbon (20mm+5mm) 10 g
Stem: Extralite Ultrastem 110 mm 108 g
Handlebar: Easton EC 70 580 mm 125 g
Grips: Extralite Neo Grips (cut) 20 g
Saddle: Selle Italia SLR Titanium 140 g
Seatpost: Extralite The Post UL (27.2 mm with ergal adapter) 175 g
Front Derailleur:Shimano XT ‘02 138 g
Rear Derailleur: Sram X.0 (long cage) 204 g
Shifters: Sram X.0 (titanium bolts) 165 g
Brake Levers: Extralite Ultralevers 64 g
Brakes: Avid Single Digit 7 (titanium bolts) 310 g
Crank Set: Shimano XTR ’03 (175mm, without inner cover) 790 g
Cassette: Shimano Dura Ace 9V (CS-7700 12-27T) 179 g
Chain: Sram PC-89R (Hollow Pin, 106 links) 245 g
Skewers: Extralite Aliens 65 g
Wheels: Extralite UltraFront SL 28 holes & UltraRear SM 32 holes (220 g), Extralite Custom Rims (720 g), 60 spokes Sapim CX-Ray (265 g), Sapim SILS 14mm Al nipples (20 g) 1225 g
Rim Tape: Ritchey WCS 10 g
Tubes: Michelin C4 Latex 250 g
Tyres: Hutchinson Python Air Light 2.00” 950 g
Cables & Housings: Shimano XT 150 g
Pedals: Shimano PD-M959 345 g
Bottle Cage: Tune Wasserträger (with ergal bolts 2g) 10 g
Total: 8744 g

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by hawkpower

Hi i´m Heinz

i use a Scott Genius RC 10 and for the ugly Wether a Giant

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by OLver

Pedä wrote:hi,

i have a schmolke scandium mtb (7,9kg), a schmolke scandium road bike (7,2kg), a giant xtc (9,3kg) and a monty trial bike (11kg)

my mtb would be under 7,7kg in the next months, my roadbike under 6,1!

after that i´ll post some pics here in the forum

(all weights are real, with pedals/ bottlecage)

and you are 17 years old...... :?: :!:

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by Tib

Life is sometimes so hard...

I'm wainting for my new XtC 05 at 8,3 kgs in disc brakes version... some picts as soon as I've received my new blackbird !
Never give up... never surrender !

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by mpap89

i have a 17.5 inch 2003 bianchi supergrizzly. its 22.5 lbs right now but i'm getting a new fox float f80rlt, i also have some pork rinds to put on. and i'm going to ditch the ust tires for some stans and some maxxis hard drive dual compounds. i'm hoping to get down to 20 lbs

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by yoko

OLver wrote:and you are 17 years old...... :?: :!:

If you're really good and have sponsors, why not?

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by wardog

Untill now i've been riding a Scott Team Issue with XTR,Sram X.0 and Fox stuff.
It was amazingly light when i first rode it(and still is!) but now it really doesn't amaze me anymore.Although i have never ever raced the bike i can tell you it is pretty stiff (much stiffer than a titanium Corratec i had before).
Now i will change it for a full suspension after Xmas(I have posted an add for this bike in ads section).I am a bit troubled as to what bike i will get but i guess i have some time to think about it.

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