Build my walser TT bike. (pictures on page 9)

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by simon

now that's hardcore!
only thing i don't really like are the wheels, but probably just my taste...
how much are the bars and brakelevers(weight)?

by Weenie

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WOW! Absolutely beautiful, I just can't wait to see it built up...

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Samuel Sanchez Gonzalez
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by Samuel Sanchez Gonzalez

simon wrote:now that's hardcore!
only thing i don't really like are the wheels, but probably just my taste...
how much are the bars and brakelevers(weight)?

A set of 808s would have been the "cherry on the cake" if I translate a french expression. :D

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by Kuiper

What a beauty!!!
can't wait untill this bike is full built up

(question: what is sitting in that Kestrel box near the wall?)

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by Tillquist

That is the TT-bar's weight :?:
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by KF

LJ wrote:
benni wrote:only one thing, very nice frame but..... maybe next time spend some money on furniture. that must be the ugliest furniture i have ever seen

And that perhaps one of the most disrespectful comments I've ever seen. Keep it on topic or dont say anything at all. Jeez!

Jeffr, great stuff. I love the way you "set" the table with your bike components. What do you think of the bars now you have them?


@ Benni!
Are you really so jealoux of Jeffr and his new frame that you had to do that? Dude, you suck!

Cool frame and parts! It must be sweet to have yor table set with those parts, just waiting to be mounted.
Can't wait to see the result, I'm sure it'll be great!

Are you considering a discwheel, or is that out of the question?
- G. Digital K. Loco

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by zakeen

VeRy vErY VeRy vEry cool!

did they change there design a little? that looks better then the last ones Ive seen. Maybe its all that gloss on the frame?

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by Amadeus

This is a beautifull and very sexy frame!

Many Congrats!

Now start training to win some TT's!
My bike is Italian so it is Nervosa and of course has Anorexia I like them thin!
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by equinox13

Do you have any closer pictures of the bottom bracket area, the seatpost and how it is mounted into the frame and the the headtube/headset? I have always wanted a walser, a possibility for the future. I am curious about these sections of the frame. BTW what was the final cost from walser?


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by brianwchan

Damn sexy frame! :shock:

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by Skunk

How much does a Walser frame cost?

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by jmg3

that rig is so cool it doesn't matter what you hang on there >>>
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by jeffr

benni: It is my roommate's furniture. I'll be sure to let him know what you think of his dead grandfather's chairs.

lj: I thought it was neat to see everything that went into the bike. It's much cooler to see it all put together though. ;-) The bars are beautiful. They are a little hard to handle though! Getting out of the saddle is a challenge.

felixor: It is indeed SRM pro campy. I saw some annodized black arms the other day. I'd like to get some of those. I have spoken with walser and carbonfiberone about the missing bottle mounts. We're going to tap and thread the carbon on the seattube. It should be very safe as there is extra carbon there for the derailleur mount. I'm going to drill my walser!

simon: Bars + levers + pads are about 700g. Walser says the wheels perform very well. Much better than the tour tests would suggest. I have also thought about getting a rear disc and a specialized trispoke. This would be more traditional for a tt bike. It's fine as is for now though. I will not compete with it until next year so I just want to get some training in on it this year.

zakeen: The model 6 seattube hugs the wheel much better than the model 5. Perhaps this is what you're noticing?

equinox13: More pictures are coming. The cost is listed earlier in this thread. How does that old saying go? If you have to ask, it's still probably cheaper than a pinarello? ;)

Thanks for the compliments everyone. They should really be directed to mr walser and not me, however. I'm just the pocketbook. Later today I will have more photos and perhaps a ride report if it stops raining. :/ It's taken nearly 12 hours to build this bike. I'm ready to put it through it's paces!

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Post Man Pat
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by Post Man Pat

wow thats sweet. and after hearing the xentis wheels perform better then tour test shows i guess i will pick up one then

by Weenie

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by VVV

So no one has to search the thread, a walser frame is 3000 Euro(no fork), plus special rear wheel, plus BB, or his cranks, which are about 1000 euro. The bars are around 500 Euro.

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