Build my walser TT bike. (pictures on page 9)

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by Skillgannon

Just a sugestion on position - which is subjective, but this is an idea - try tilting your bars up ever so slightly, so your arms are parallel to the ground or slightly above that angle. Also try moving your seat around a bit to try and open up your airways slightly.

From what I've heard, people generally do lose a bit of power on TT bikes to save on aerodynamics, but you want to be going the fastest at your maximal sustanable power in controlled conditions, so a bit of experimentation will be required.

It might just be anatomical adaptation as well, depends on how much you've been riding it.

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by jmg3

Where in seattle is the velodrome?
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by jeffr

jmg3: It's actually in marymoor park in redmond washington on the other side of the lake. It's a 400 meter velo with a fairly steep bank. I took a track class there but my knees ache after riding a fixed gear. It's a nice place to test the tt bike if I can tolerate the long ride out there on a mixed used trail.

Skillgannon: You are probably right about the bars. I posted on biketechreview as well and they think I need to change the tilt on the saddle and bars. I'm going to try a few things next weekend.

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by hooker_elite

Jeff - who is painting the fork for you - someone in town? What esle do you have up your sleave for tuning? I suppose cutting the bars down and maybe switching to Nokons and liners will save you ~100g or so.

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by jeffr

carbonfiberone painted the fork. It looks incredible. I'll post pictures soon.

I'm going to thread an m2 racer bolt-on skewer further down for the rear and replace the skewers. I'm also going to put a full ti custom cassette on at some point. This will save 100g over the steel cassette that's on it. I could also do nokons. Some weight was cut when I trimmed the extensions and cut cables as well. After that the only way it would get lighter is if I removed the SRM which is not worth it in my opinion.

Triumph did a fit today and we found my missing watts. :) I did 296 watts @ 27mph for the 5 miles to seward. This is with a normal helmet, gloves, and jersey full of crap. I'm excited to get a skinsuit and helmet and repeat this test on the track now. This is a pretty reasonable speed if I can hold it for 20k! My hips are still sore after riding it each time but hopefully that will improve. I feel like this limits my endurance at the moment.

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by nobrakes71


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by CarpetFibre

In a rush to sell something, nobrakes?

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