Custom painted S-Works Venge by Ornamental Conifer....

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by mile2424

Finally got around to building this up...few pics....

Might swap to a plain black stem since I'm an old man with those spacers. Also might change the turbo cottons to black.

But for now....







by Weenie

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by NilesCrane

I always love gumwalls but it would be interesting to see it in black tires aswell. If you're thinking of swapping the stem for aesthetic reasons, I don't think it's needed. I quite enjoy the current setup.


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by Arnomatic

Looks like you'll have to send that spacer stack to Nicolai for painting! Been really excited to see this build. Looks ace! Keeping it mostly stock lets that frame shine though as it should, love it

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by dwn2sk8

Nice! But how did you fit all those spacers? Looking at the pictures from your first post, there’s no enough steerer tube to fit them.

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by mile2424

Bump to the top

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by mike

The paint looks like a super hero comic book theme, very nice

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