2021 S-Works Tarmac SL7 - Snake Eyes

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by HaroldC

When the SL7 came out, I was hesitant to make the switch because I loved my rim brake SL6. Then I built up the Allez Sprint Disc and began riding that daily with 28c Turbo Cottons, and found it fast and reasonably comfortable. The Allez weighed 7.55kg and I did not really feel that weight, which is when I decided to go for the SL7. I had talked to my LBS in late 2020 to see if they can get the Snake Eyes colorway that was available for the rest of the world, just not the US yet. I cannot remember exactly when the option became available on the dealer site, but I asked them to order it.

Fast forward March of 2021 and it finally arrives. I didn't get a chance to visit the LBS right away and so the frame sat there. I was fianally able to go look at the frame a few weeks ago and was amazed at the paint job. It was stunning in the sun, as most of the Ron Jones paint designs are. I was so excited that I propped the bike on the bench to take a couple of photos when the worst thing happened. A huge gust of wind came by and knocked the frame over onto the concrete. It wasn't a far drop, but it did put a few scrapes through the paint layer by the headtube and rear dropout. As you can imagine, I was gutted! Trying to come up with solutions, the LBS listed off a couple of painters in the area that could touch up the damage. Knowing how difficult the Snake Eyes paint job was to match, with its chameleon flip, I realized that I follow Ron Jones on instagram (ig@probikedesign). I sent him a message and was amazed when he responded a few minutes later! He was willing to take the frame and do his best to repair the paint damage. Obviously there is no one that could do the repair any better than Ron, as he is the one who designed the colorway in the first place, so I dropped off the bike. A week later I pick up the frame looking as good as new. As horrible as the incident was, I am hugely impressed and happy with the results, and I got to meet the designer behind many of my favorite paintjobs (Kittel and Sagan SS), a huge win in my book.

Now onto the build. I swapped over as many of the parts from the Allez as I could, including most of the drivetrain and wheels. I ended up getting Sram Red cranks and Quarq DZero powermeter because I could not use the Specialized carbon cranks. Total weight with everything shown (cages, pedals, Barfly computer mount, Varia seat mount) is 7.23 kg. A decent weight, but higher than I was expecting given the parts and the 831g frame weight. Yes, I'm sure the paint repair added probably added a few grams, but I keep seeing some light builds with similar setups.

Now off to enjoy the bike and put in some miles....

by Weenie

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ome rodriguez
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by ome rodriguez

Congrats! Too bad what happened to the paint, but all is well now. At least you got your S-Works SL7, most of my friends here didn't get theirs yet since last year. I'm sure you'll enjoy it, I love mine so much.

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by kppolich

Looks great Harold. What size?

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by HaroldC

@ome rodriguez - went for a ride yesterday and agree with your consensus, it's an awesome ride!

@kppolich - thanks! 56cm

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by Pumablk

Unfortunate about the paint, but glad to see it taken care of the person best equipped to tackle it. And that is a wonderful color that you don't see very often.

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