My Ghisallo (middle stages only)

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by popawheelie

Wow! You never know how dedicted someone is until they do something like this. Now I know.
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That's an eleven!
i got my mp3 back from a friend that loaded it with guitar band music. I'm waiting for better buds. Definately improves riding!

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I really like those ghisallos, at first I didn't think much of them because everyone said they were too flexy, but I am warming up to them, they are really cool!

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by Frankie - B

WOW :shock: Nice bike! The way you set it up is very cool IMO
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by cwmak

That is one sweet ride! No expense were held back! Really looking forward to the final weight!

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by 1 Lite Ghisallo

I got another Ghisallo in September 2006...Have lost grams by going the semi-cheap route. Added a set of AC Sprint 350s and Pulsions this year. Somewhere around 14.2 # these days. Still Kicking myself for passing on the "team deal" I missed on a set of Zipp 202's......... :?
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