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by Imaking20

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by NiFTY

But how will you brake without having your rims explode?
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by Weenie

ome rodriguez
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by ome rodriguez

What didn't you like with discbrakes?
I have an sl6 rim and LW disc, different brands but only weight separates them. Very curious since you both have same sl6 rim and disc
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by maxim809

I'm with you on the disc vs rim. Likewise, I've been trying to find an SL6 rim frame set (in 52cm) but it's been tough pickings. Nice find and looking forward to your build!
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by Imaking20

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by grnrcr

You are ridiculous, in a way I can really identify with. Sending you cyber head nods. The ride of a SL6 plus a sick paint job is really, really hard to beat.

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by KCookie

Gorgeous colour.
Any exotic parts going on or DI2.
When you get bored of it let me know, your old Lightweight Ventoux can go on it.

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by mortirolo

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by wolfesquire

I think direct mount brakes is the best option. I don't ride in bad weather, I don't live near any steep mountains, etc. so disc are pretty squeeky and heavy.

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by Maddie

What a gorgeous frame set

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by Vuong05

Frameset looks amazing.
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by easyv

Nice pick up. Given the parts that you have on your other bikes to build this frame up with, look forward to seeing you complete another awesome lightweight build.
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by Imaking20

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by C36

I previously shared my feeling trying both bikes “as identical as possible” and largely preferred rim brake behaviour, quite more responsive.
Currently the only frame I could take to replace my SS.

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by Weenie

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by SamD

Very excited to see this one evolve, as well as your opinion on the rim vs disc differences!