An another sub6 Izalco Max, ready to race

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by jeanjacques


To replace a too wise Gallium Pro, change the ride from the ti (low bb, long wheelbase/headtube, disc) and have a machine ready for french amateur dumb race (think bumper car), here a try with the well know Izalco Max :D
The inspiration with some great build:
RyanH the fling #metoo: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=154463
Cjnl heavy paint strip: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=156035

At the moment, only one picture on the go:


Build list:


With busy 6 days to test it (despite the winter 8) ):


The ride, like other said, is gorgeous ! Maybe it's geometry, campy hubs, narrow handlebar, ovals rings, or a mix of all but it's a pleasure. I don't know if it will be related to a performance gain but the feeling is here and it's what matter with this bike.

So, about the build, the idea was to make a not so expensive one with easy to replace part if damaged:
-frame: used from Italy* but the paint scheme is not common, discrete logos, come with FSA SL headset. Normally will slam the stem so some saving on the fork.
-handlebar: advertised as 38cm but mesured outside, the shape is pretty good and there is no flare so it's a real 36 even on the drop where I spend most of the time. Alloy seem to allow tighter bend on the top so I have more space here than with my Ritchey 38cm Evocurve.
-saddle: found it used with already some scratches, perfect, I can add more
-seatpost: maybe I will change it but don't really like the cradle aesthetic of lighter one, I made some comparaison between the WCS and Superlogic here: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=128888&start=15#p1532628
-seatclamp: on the ugly side
-group: from the Gallium Pro, I like the short rear cage, simple front derailleur, I don't want the MTB Dark Vador style of the 9100 :evil:
-crankset: need to strip off the Sram logo but there is also some red paint touch on it that match the frame...
-BB: followed other member advice, seems to work well
-housing: stiffer/steel one for the front brake
-tires: had it, maybe a 25c will be better
-skewer: RyanH approved :D viewtopic.php?t=153191&start=75#p1424510
-bottle cage: a brand from Holland, very well made, doesn't crush the bottle

Now, time to try to improve it, what do you think ? How about the wheels ? I really like the Zonda and wonder if a change for the WTO or Bora 35 will be noticeable ?

*great communication and good deals: ... pre-owned/
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by cjnl

Late reply, just saw your topic, but wow, nice bike! Love the color scheme, I had to do some additional work to get that stealth look.
Will the bike really be abused like a bumper car? Hope not!

I only know the Zonda's from my own experience, so it is difficult to give a verified opinion about the wheels. I am guessing the WTO will be a bit stiffer and more aero. The latter you won't feel directly but in the end, it will give some more free speed. But you will lose some stopping power, especially in wet conditions.

With those wheels and no extremely expensive parts the weight is excellent. The weather this year is pretty good for December, even here in the Netherlands. Enjoy the challenge!

by Weenie

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by LouisN

Man, these frames are silly light :shock: !!
6.1 with Zondas and lots of mainstream parts !!
I always liked SRam with DA crankset, chain and cassetes.
This combo must be nice too :D (and weight savings at the right places)
Would love to try one :beerchug:

Louis :)

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by theStig

dead sexy. how does it ride compared to the Gallium?

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by jeanjacques

theStig wrote:
Tue Dec 24, 2019 3:49 am
dead sexy. how does it ride compared to the Gallium?
I have this gravel ti disc (7,47kg) who replace an old road bike with the purpose to have a do-it-all-bike:

But I bought this Gallium complete (what a horrible thing) when I realized that the goal above is impossible in term of performance:
(didn't have the key to remove the proprietary spacer and I failed with other tools...)

And it was very difficult to appreciate any difference between them, I think it comes from the low bb, long wheel base, maybe also from the rigidity everywhere, nothing moove, nothing live. This stability is a useful think for a gravel bike, very confidence inspiring to go down fast or on loose surface but not what I want on a true road bike. Without any PR with it, one month later I stripped it down, sold everything and kept the group.

So to answer, the ride with the Gallium was really good, clearly a bike that can handle fast ride, mountains, pave (wide 28c clearance) and be able to be the only bike for someone. But with the ti aside, I already have this kind of feeling so what I want is an agile road bike that respond fast (power but also on the handlebar), something like a spring, a nippy bike. And for me it's what the Focus is.

No proper photo yet but a nice ride alone to Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, a famous french middle age's village:

And yes, EE brake El Diablo replaced the Shimano 9000 :D 192g with KoolStop pads. I was septical about the performance because people tend to lose their objectivity when they spend a lot of money but with a proper adjustment (toe-in almost perfectly done) I can't note any downside in term of power and I even appreciate a better modulation: the hard breaking point come later. I think this brake are designed around a middle/long lever stroke, exactly what you have with a disc brake bike and I like this way better than the most usual set-up with a short pull.

So this bike finally take the first place in the stable and money on it is no longer an issue. Even for long ride, it will be the one. With upcoming parts, crash will be a problem :lol: So now is just "ready to race" !
About the wheels I'm leaning toward something around 45mm deep with Shimano 9000 hubs to be in line with the group and because I trust cup and cone bearings, maybe something shallower will be more suited for this bike, an idea ?

Also, I'm waiting a straight seatpost so it will be possible to change the stem for a 120mm one. Slaight weight and draft gain but it will be useful to appease the handling. Nothing problematic right now but full gas sprint on this 36cm drop need to be well done with very good core strength. I work on it on the rollers but with the help of this centimer, everything should be even better.

Edit: I need a power meter and it will be great to add some number on this thread but meanwhile here the last kom with the Focus:
I had the wind with me but didn't push to the max and it's in line with other kom in term of watt (I'm 73kg).

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