giant TCR Advanced 2 Disc 2019

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by xchaotic

Hi guys,

I've been riding casual/MTB all my life and now, at a tender age of 37, I started riding road bikes earlier this year and to that end I got myself a nice GiantTCR Advanced 2 Disc 2019 - I've attached a not so good picture, but the bike really looks great and contrasts with neearly everything around i, which I hope adds to safety / visibility.

The bike, stock but with bottle cages and a Garmin weighs a respectable 8400g. I think this is a great result for a bike in this price range, but also hopefully a good starting point for further upgrades.
Where I live is very flat so in a way it doesn't make much sense to lower the wieght of the 'body' but I'll probably start with the wheels, then redo the stem/cockpit for a little more cleanliness / aero and also weight saving.

I'll post separately about potential wheen upgrades but wanted to say hello first ;)

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by DeanKRN

I like the colour, certainly stands out!

Good idea with changing the wheels, especially if you live somewhere flat, a deeper section wheel makes a lot of sense!

Once your current discs wear out, new, lighter ones can be a really good way of saving weight too!

by Weenie

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by rlanger

That bike looks great! I too love the colour.

My bike also started out well over 8kg, but after slowly upgrading bit by bit over the course of the last 2 and half years, I've got it under 7kg now.

It's been a lot of fun to do. I went high-end on things like the gruppo, wheels, handlebar and saddle, and most of the other parts have been replaced with relatively inexpesive (but still light weight) parts sourced from Aliexpress.

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