Hey all! '06 S-Works Roubaix with other stuff coming- login problems

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by cheapvega

Hey guys,

I can't send PMs and there doesn't seem to be an "ask admin" board- my home IP address has been banned, but I haven't made any posts yet. What do I need to do to remove that ban?

Anyway, got this bike this summer and am loving it:

https://www.theproscloset.com/products/ ... -bike-2006

I swapped the crank for a 105 R7000 compact and got a great deal on a CR350 wheelset weighing in at a whopping ~1300g. Next phase is painting and swapping over to an FM-208 frameset and looking for other ways to get to a rideable sub 6kg weight (i.e. no carbon saddle, no bar tape delete etc). I know I can drop some weight from the tires and possibly the cockpit as well as little stuff like hardware and skewers. Roads near me are pretty hilly so I'm also debating doing a single front chainring and ditching the front mech. Anyways love the forum and hope I can get my IP situation sorted out. Not sure what happened there

by Weenie

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