Kayrehn's Factor VAM disc build

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by cerro

Oh, will look at this while trying to lighten my Æthos ;) Great build in my taste.
How long is the stem, how wide is the bar? Tesa tape?

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by LewisK

cerro wrote:
Sun Nov 15, 2020 10:35 pm
Oh, will look at this while trying to lighten my Æthos ;) Great build in my taste.
How long is the stem, how wide is the bar? Tesa tape?
38 bars and 130 stem

by Weenie

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by Kayrehn

Wrt some comments above
- I weigh it without the bottles and the computer. Thought I can hit 5.1kg but guess I have to live with this because there isn't much else to cut weight from unless I spend lots to get a Darimo-Gelu seat just for maybe 30g savings or change a new set of wheels with extralite hubs instead to save about 70g.

- one reason why the fork was cut shorter is because the top of the expander plug Factor used is flushed with the diameter of the steerer tube. They then have to remove the plug to use the Schmolke Ahead cap in its place. But the mistake took the fork even lower than the minimal steerer tube height needed to use the Darimo stem.

- The THM cranks are ok for now, I'm a gentle user and there's no issue with it after the first 2 rides. Sorry I'm not the sort who likes to crank out watts and give parts a thorough real-world testing. I told the mechanic I read stories of the plug coming out and the crank arm coming off and he said he followed the instructions exactly so hope it stays trouble free.

- Bike handling is lazier than the Fuji as the Darimo bars have more reach than the Zipp bars on my Colnago, but the geometry is almost the same as my Fuji. The integrated saddle-post makes it a firm ride as on my previous bike, comfort is roughly the same. Those might be fibre spokes but I don't feel any deflection at all when negotiating bends on descents.

Still able to cope with the extra reach, maybe just need to get used to it after more rides. Not much choice unless I change a stem, which is a pretty expensive option.

- Yes I had tesa tape on. It's not easy to do a nice wrap as it 'stretches' very little and taking it through bends and making it overlap is tricky. I had to do it in 3 parts - the yellow part, from midway down the drop to the hood, then from the hood to the top. I have to say the results look good though, flat with only some creases at the back of the lever bend.

- if you think this bike is too loud, you haven't seen my other bike
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by MrCurrieinahurry

I love this... And also that your disappointed with the weight lol :)

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Really really nice! This would have to be close to the lightest disc build on weight weenies right?

The Darimo stem and the Berk combo look great, super clean build. Congrats!

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by matrix

I'm in the market for a Factor 02 VAM. How did you stumble across one that was 60% off? Makes me question wanting to buy it directly from their site now...

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by Kayrehn

It's a private sale from a Factor fanatic, hence the deal. Once I sold the cockpit and the seatpost I recoup even more from the frame price too.

It has grown lighter since with some small changes and I'm now awaiting the MyTi pedals (hopefully it comes by this year!) as a last upgrade. Weight is 5.06g now with pedals and cages.

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by jpeterson1012

Kayrehn wrote:
Thu Jan 27, 2022 1:20 pm
now awaiting the MyTi pedals
Those look interesting. As the pandemic has taught me, I am cautiously optimistic about them

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by Klaster_1

Kayrehn wrote:
Tue Jan 28, 2020 7:53 am
This finally arrived after 3.5 months. Unfortunately I don't know how to remove the original ones (any help?) and so can't do a weight comparison.

All components in, build can finally begin! Maybr one last spin on my Fuji before I take it apart; I am sure I can feel the 0.5kg difference between the two, and might miss the feeling of lightness. Image
What bolts did you use? Recently, I inquired Damia about the clamps and he still didn't finish the design 🙄
At this momen I haven’t developed that product yet. I must make the bolt and the nut in aluminum or titanium.
I think that I will develop it as I need to make new pieces similars to the needed in the clamps but for other new products, then will be the moment to develop

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by Kayrehn

I just sent it to my lbs as is and he must have used back the original bolts on the clamp, which I'm pretty sure are Ti bolts.

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