Giant TCR Advanced Disc 1 2018

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by Pat89

Hi there,

first of all: I am complety new to Weight Weenies!

Second: Here is my Giant TCR Advanced Disc 1 2018. Im quite tall, so it had to be an XL frameset.


Stock weight was a wopping 9kg. 8.6kg was is the spec for an M frame.

Upgrades so far:

- Aercys Wheelset Carbon 50mm tubeless
- Dura Ace Discs 140mm
- Ultegra cassette (11-28)
- Vittoria Corsa Speed Tubeless Tyres
- Dura Ace Chain

Currently the bikes still weighs 8.3kg.

Pro Vibe Aero Superlight Bars
Extralite Stem
Robert Axles (Thru-Axles)
Sella Italia SLR Boost Saddle
FSA Poly Spacers
Deda Trafforta tape

That should bring it down to 7.8kg -> Reduction of 1.2kg

Atttached are all the component weights based on what I have planned. What do you think I should focus on. Target weight approx. 7.5kg bearing in mind its a disc bike.
The white mark weights are just guess. The green are actually weighed, the yellow according to spec.

And one last question: Are there any compatible Seat posts out there for Giant TCR's?

Kind Regards,

TCR bike weight.png

by Weenie

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by Thomson

Love these. Starting to look at them a lot!
Good plans👍 What made you go disc brakes?

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by Pat89

The hilly terrain in south Germany.

Wow, I am blown away by the amount of replies.

No honestly, I'm I asking my questions in the wrong forum/section/thread?


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by chris14

Hi Patrick, nice project. I found that the extradite stem has tiny bolts so be careful when you tighten them, I switched to a lyti one much cheaper and almost as light. You could also change your bottle cages again to save 40 grams .. good luck more photos please

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by shotgun

Outside the groupset upgrades, good path on the selected parts to lessen the weight.

Sadly you're stuck with the TCR Seatpost. You might be able to save some marginal on the bolt saddle clamps. I dont' know where to source them though
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by Weenie

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by mrlobber

First of all, congrats of trying to go the WW route ;)

From your build list, things to upgrade:

* Bottle cages minus 30-50g drop easy, depending on how light you want to go
* Cassette - minus 70g if going SRAM Red.
* Cut the seatpost if minimum insertion length allows it?
* Chain - minus 20-30g if going PYC way
* Saddle higly subjective, but if you fit Berk or similar, you can save 40g at least
* Headset seems on the heavy side but I've not explored Giant alternative options
* You can drop grams on the chainrings/crank combo depending of power yes/no and other considerations.

All in all, you've got at least additional 200g of savings there.
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