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by mendiz

Precious colour the frame, I prefer same colour in seatpost and stem. Enjoy the bike, it's gorgeous.
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by Mr.Gib

CrankAddictsRich wrote:
Fri Aug 16, 2019 1:58 pm
The great part about all of this, is that the argument is pointless... it his bike and he can set it up exactly as he wants, regardless of what you or I argue about.
Now that's where you are wrong. The OP must absolutely do what we say here on Weightweenies. He must even think like us or he will forever be a Fred. Deep wheels on an older round tube frame? Might as well post it in the freaks thread. :P
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by Weenie

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by PeytonM

I like it, the attention to detail with the blue quick release skewers. Bet it rides fantastic too

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by Kimmoth

Awesome photo. Why so heavy?

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