BH Ultralight Evo 5.42kg sub 12 lbs build

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by mendiz

Fantastic, this is Weight weenies I love. Congratulations.
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by Weenie

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by kgt

Very, very nice!

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by campagowlo

A proper weenie build!

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by galr1

Really like this build, just looks really well done.

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by jmh

Thanks for the kind words.

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by JerryLook

The bike looks great. And very nice weight too.

I’ve been thinking about building up a BH, to give my Orbea a friend. Spanish bikes are really nice, and not everyone has one.
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by prebsy

Those panaracer SX's are hawt. How are they holding up?

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by mortirolo

You have a nice bike and a nice camera too, I guess. :)
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by jmh

mortirolo wrote:
Fri Aug 02, 2019 3:55 pm
You have a nice bike and a nice camera too, I guess. :)

Not a camera, its just my iPhone!

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by eric01

Very nice bike and sensible parts choices.
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by WinterRider

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by jmh

prebsy wrote:
Fri Aug 02, 2019 2:57 pm
Those panaracer SX's are hawt. How are they holding up?
I did a couple of rides this weekend on them with no issues over my normal glass and thorn filled route.

They remind me alot of the Rene Herse Cayuse Pass Extralight tires I have on another bike. Very similar casing, but the SX's are slick will the Cayuse Pass have a file tread.

I short, I like them. A lot. I don't know where I will get any more in the future, as I got these a few months ago at Excel Sports. I will likely replace them with Rene Herse tires when that day comes.

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by jmh

Did a couple of rides this past weekend for a total of 78 miles. Each of the rides had a couple of climbs and a total of about 4,000 vert feet.

I'm very impressed with the overall ride of the frameset. The bike reminded me of my old R3-SL with a stiffer front end. The same compliant rear and stiff BB, but the front was more planted.

I don't know how much to attribute to the one piece handlebars (I had 3T Prima 199 bars in 26.0mm with Syntace stem on the R3-SL) or the larger diameter fork/steerer tube, but overall the combination felt better to me.

It was just a comfortable as the R3-SL. I was running 23mm Veloflex tires on the R3-SL at 100 psi, not 25mm at 85/88 psi. I have held that R3-SL as my yard stick to measure other bike, and the BH measured up!

The rest of the bike performed magnificently! I tweeked the front derailluer adjustment after the first ride and I can't find much fault with the Extralite rings paired with the KMC SL chain up front. The SRAM Red cassette worked great and I didn't notice any annoying noise from it on the road. The FSE rims braked like all good carbon rims brake- not a good as alloy- but were satisfactory on my dry rides. Not sure they would be my choice in the wet. I didn't have any pulsing or grabbiness as another member has noted. The bottle cages didn't lauch the bottles over broken road surfaces or when descending. The Bottom Bracket was silent. I did use Wako's Brake Protector as I do will all press fit BB installs, so I didn't expect any problems. This is the stuff: ... 2749.l2649

All in all, I think I accomplished my objective of a weightweenie bike with no compromises.

However, forgive me brothers, for I have added weight to the bike. I added 19.7 grams in the bolt tuned Bontrager Garmin mount. Swaped out one of the bolts for an alloy one. I really like this mount... super clean and low profile.



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