CAAD7 build in 2019 - goal <= 6.8Kg for < $1K USD

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by Mosbo

I keep meaning to post up more component weights but haven't gotten organised to do that yet. So in the mean time, her's a nicer photo from the first proper ride!


Final build weight (at least for now anyway!):


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by themidge

I wish my Cannondale was this shiny :thumbup:

by Weenie

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by flying

Good Job on price & weight :beerchug: Looks Good too!

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by Squashednuts

Mean as bro😄
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by Nozes

Very well done!

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by Mosbo

Haha, back on the wall again! Already making some changes :noidea: :lol:


I realised that i'd forgotten about putting in a compression plug so I ended up just putting the original cannondal SI top cap (which is more of an aluminium bung) on first.


But luckily I found someone locally selling some of the old PlanetX / Fouriers brakes for cheap so I picked them up.


And as much as I love the Thomson stems, they are heavy, and I decided I really prefer the 'look' of a -17 degree stem on this type of bike. Whether or not I can ride it is yet to be proven but i've pulled the reach in a little bit to compensate so it should be fine. Maybe later I will go back to a new Thomson -17 degree but for now it's Kalloy Uno.


And got some el-cheapo carbon cages from Ali Express to replace the old one I already had. Sticking with 1 for now but have 2 should I need it.


So now i'm down to 6.45 Kg, or 6.49 (ish) with bottle cage and GPS mount. My aim now is to get it down as close to 6.4 as I can and then I know I can easily add 300-400g on some deeper section clinchers if I want something a bit more aero (and I think I will like the look a bit better too).

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