Cipollini NK1K

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by nestornnk

To be honest i never was a fan of disc brakes on road bikes and always thought they are not worth the trouble.
As Cipollini distributors we have access to team and demo bikes so when i saw this during my visit to the factory i was in love with the color of it.
I had to have it despite being a disc bike. At least it was build with Campagnolo SR EPS.


Rode it for a first time today and to be honest i was not impress by discs. Being almost a kilo heavier than my rim brake NK1K did not helped either,bike was fitted with alu clincher heavy disc wheels and not the tubular Bora’s i like..


Will come back with a more detailed ride review

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by Weenie

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by caballero

Its a nice bike for sure, but Im not a fan of disc either. Would probably feel alot nicer with some bora tubs and veloflex roubaixs. the rubinos and vittoria tires in general are junk.

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by kgt

Great, waiting for your review!

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by rajMAN

Always admire the bold frame design of these, don't mind the rear disc as its more hidden, however the front disc on bikes just says "motorcycle" to me. :shock:

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by MiddMan

That's a nice looking build. It seems you are running the newer 12 speed crank with 11 speed SR, is that correct? I'm also excited to hear the ride report. I will also report back on mine soon I hope!

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by Seedster

Looks like the standard H11 crankset mated to EPS 11.

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by MrMojo

I'm not fan of disc brakes at all and have the NK1K with rim brakes and love it. It has Reynolds Aero 72mm front and 90mm rear wheels and is fast.
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by rexyi1990

Pretty awesome color!

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by mnmasotto

Very nice looking machine. How stiff/uncomfortable is the ride?

by Weenie

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by progchild

Porn bike,nice.

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