A very 'Gay' Tarmac......6Kg ;-) Final build pics pg3

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by Lig

Hi all,

I have had too many black bikes so this time a bit of colour - my new 2019 project - The 'Gay' Tarmac :D

adjective: gay; comparative adjective: gayer; superlative adjective: gayest

1. (of a person) homosexual (used especially of a man). "You're going to look a right Gay riding that!!" relating to or used by homosexuals.

2. Brightly coloured; showy. - "a gay profusion of purple and pink colours" - "he pulled up to the local Café, for his double shot skinny macchiato with extra froth on his extremely Gay bike"
synonyms: bright, brightly coloured, vivid, brilliant, rich, vibrant; More
richly coloured, many-coloured, multicoloured; flamboyant, gaudy


Build list as follows:

Frame : S-Works Tarmac SL6 size 58cm
Fork : S-Works FACT Carbon
Headset : Specialized
Shifters : Campagnolo Super Record 11 Speed
Rear Mech : Campagnolo Super Record 11 Speed
Front Mech : Campagnolo Super Record 11 Speed
Brakes : EE Direct Mount G4 front G3 Rear.
Cables : Black Nokon alloy cables.
Wheels : LW Schwarz Ed Fernweg 60 Rear - Meilenstein Front.
Tyres : Continental Competition
Chainset and Bottom bracket : THM Carbones Clavicula SE 175mm 39\53. C-Bear Ceramic BB.
Cassette : Campagnolo Super Record 11 Speed 12-27
Chain : KMC Black DLC X11SL
Bars : AX 4200 Ergo
Stem : MCFK
Seatpost : S-Works FACT Carbon
Saddle : AXLightness Leaf
Pedals : Look Keo Blade Ti.
Cages : Arundel Mandible
Weight : TBC...
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by Weenie

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by wolfesquire

Looking at the build list, hopefully I can afford to look at the bike :lol:
Don't forget to take several photos of the build process and all. Looking forward to it.

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by LouisN

Colourful would be a more appropriate adjective for your title.

Looks promising.

Louis :)

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by wfcarrot

Frame looks sexy. Can't wait to see the bike.
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by gurk700

Love it. Great build list. Looking forward to seeing the full bike! This is my jersey and my socks. I wear them with pride.


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by Broady


Resident Pro
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by mike

This could work as long as you use lots of black carbon parts

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Dan Gerous
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by Dan Gerous

Black bikes are boring!

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by coreyaugustus

Well, certainly no need for hi-vis kit at least. Awesome paint; ride with pride.

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by tonytourist

In before Clean39t gets triggered and reports this thread title

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by TheRich


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by Lig

Heh heh... cheers all.....

When I saw it hanging in the shop, I just thought it looked awesome, different, very gaudy and thought with the right parts it would 'pop' well !!

@Wolfesquire - I am really sorry but I am going to dissapoint you as I have just about finished the build and didn't take 'in progress' shots... I just prefer to post when its almost complete, as I tend to lose interest when I see a post that goes on for days, with build pics..... but that is just me of course as I know its sometimes good to see bits being put together..... I did however make a quick vid of the crank rotation as I was really impressed at how super smooth the C-bear bearings were, I hope this lets me off the hook :D ....

@Gurk700 - I think i will have to get me some of that kit - Thanks !!!

@Mike - Yep all black carbon parts!

@Themidge - heh heh funny, the good old days .... but of course Gay as in 'Colourful', as I would not want to offend.....

Cheers Chaps,

Should have the fully built pics up later today...


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by liam7020

Love it! I've had pink bikes before and I'm always bedecked in pink kit, pink bar tape etc for 3 weeks in May!! The wife does worry though LOL!
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by Weenie

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by bruno2000

I have the same with Campagnolo Super Record eps 12v and Bora Ultra wheels... Long live pink!!!

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