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by euph

Hello! Long time no see WeightWeenies. Since I last posted I have graduated university with my first frame as my dissertation.

I am suffering from not having access to all the machine tools and workspace at university but I am still good friends with the technicians and can pop in if I ever need. Its just less convenient. So I have been setting up my own little workshop in the back garden. Its a little rough but covers the basics

I intend to build another frame with a bit more fit and finish than my last one. Here is an outline of the specs:

Size ~ 52cm
Disc brakes
T47 Bottom bracket
Lugged, again

Let me know what you guys think and if you have any suggestions.

I will update as I go. Got the front triangle designed and will try and post it in the coming days.


by Weenie

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by Klaster_1

This sounds cool, I really enjoy reading about forum members building their own stuff. Wish you luck! What fork do you plan to use? What about tire clearance?

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by euph

No specific fork in mind. I intend to go tapered simply for availability of forks. The stiffness is just a bonus.

For tire clearance I will keep it simple and aim for 25mm as this will be designed to be a race frame. Maybe in time I will make something with bigger clearances but I think that adding disc brakes and the other changes I am making are more than enough complexity for the moment.

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