Specialized S-Works Tarmac Chameleon 6.3kg

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by PokojniToza

Thanks for the info. Many happy miles on the bike:)

by Weenie

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by marcelflash

Some parts where broken after 3 days in Belgium, waiting on some.
Replaced Edge mount for K-Edge XL. Carbon Works 2.1 under way.
Hammerhead Karoo was the first to arrive after warranty, nice.
Sold Dt-Swiss RR21 Dicut
Ordered new wheels. Boyd Ceramic with Carbon Ti and CX Ray. Estimate around 1300g.
Replaced Ceramic Speed for Enduro Zero Ceramic BB30.
New goal is 6.1 Kg

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by marcelflash

Broken parts are repaired and new wheels fitted.
Boyd Altamont lite Carbon Ti SP CX-Ray CX-Sprint incl. rim tape at 1350g and pretty stiff for me at 72kg.
No dammage on the brake track but the rest of the rim scratches easily.. The Carbon Ti body is not as good as the DT Swiss Ratchet in picking up, sometimes skips (2 times in 500km so not bad) and has a little bit of play when out of the saddle and looses pressure in the dead spot of the pedal stroke, when pushing ful circle it is okay. Is this something known for Carbon Ti? Did regreased the pawls but no effect.
Tried Vittoria TLR 2.0 but failed to seal and needed compressor to fit so some nice Specialized Turbo Cotton 26mm and like the road feel better than some Corsa`s. The Tires are at 7 Bar stiffer and do not deform sideways. I do not like the feeling that the tire is slipping sideways with some tires.
Garmin Edge 530 is performing good altough I am missing the screen of the Hammerhead Karoo. Can`t have both.
Dyneema loops on the Darimo is difficult to install but the saddle does not slide anymore.
Carbon Works 2.1 cages are a little bit stiffer than the 2.0
Speed and Cadence sensors version 2 From Garmin are a little bit more sleeker and nicer
The new podium Camelbak 2019 is a lot thinner than the old one and the cap is heavier but nice to drink from.

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by Erwin

Thanks for all your infos and great looking bike! Are you still satisfied with the Darimo seatpost? I am on the trigger of a Tarmac Darimo Seatpost, because I need a zero offset one. I have to decide with one I will buy, Specialized or Darimo...

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by justRideIt

Great build, looks fantastic.

Are you happy with the Silca wheel balancing kit? Do you feel it on the road?

Do you know if there are any more "elegant" solutions, e.g. in a spoke hole or something like that?
2020 S-Works Tarmac SL6 Disc @ 6.35-ish kg: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=159454

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