Timmerrr's S5 Disc

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by rexyi1990

congratulation for the super bike!

by Weenie

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by exctasy

Awesome bike!
Do give us a ride review :D

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by timmerrr

So an update after 2500 miles. The bike is still stupid fast and puts a smile on my face every time I ride it! No major issues to report, the seat post was creaking a bit but some carbon paste and a re-torque quiteted it right down. The bike is reasonalbly mannered, it does handle fast. I just put in a 5 hour ride this morning and don't feel too beat up. After moving 6 hours across the midwest for work, spending a week partying and putting on 10 lbs, I was finally able to open up my race season(snow and shitty roads back in WI canceled what should have been my first races). No teammates or help from anyone and I nabbed second place so it clearly works as a race bike. It may not be everyones cup of tea but it does exactly what I wanted it to.
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very nice bike, ive been thinking of getting one for a while but cant take the plunge yet.

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