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by Matanne

1001 Arabian Nights
The puzzles of 1001 Arabian Nights are waiting for you to solve!

1001 Arabian Nights is a free match 3 puzzle game with a unique setting. If you’ve been looking for a match 3 style game that lets you get that Aladdin feeling in anticipation of the new movie, this is it. With this game, you’ll be thrown into a palace with a beautiful princess and get to solve puzzles until the sun rises. Travel to different titles in the series and complete the objectives. One of the most common fantasies of people around the world is to spend just one magical night racing around on a flying carpet and seeing the world from up high. This romanticized view may be hard to come by in real life, but in the infinite world of video games, anything is possible!

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Smarty Bubbles
Enjoy this endless arcade puzzle game

Smarty Bubbles is a online puzzle game where you’ll be launching different colored marbles at a never-ending wave of multicolored madness. If you can manage to match three balls of the same color, all of them will disappear. They will even dislodge other balls that may be hanging onto them! Make tactical shots and destroy as many waves as you can without getting overwhelmed. This classic puzzle game is perfect to challenge your critical thinking and problem solving skills. How high do you think you can score? Challenge your friends to see who is the best!

Cube Crash
Can you complete all 12 levels?

Cube Crash is a match 3 game unlike any puzzle games for kids that you have played before. Sure, there are many games that look similar to this one. But consider this: do any of them use cubes? The answer is no. Other matching games rely on fruit shapes, or even lousy hexagons. Very few people in the world like fruit, and it has been universally agreed upon that hexagons are the worst shapes to ever be created. Cubes, however, constantly rank in the top ten best shapes. Try to group cubes of the same color into one huge bunch instead of many small ones; that way you will get much higher scores.

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Play for hours and hours with this classic puzzle game!

Love Pokemon? Here is the most famous of all Pokemon puzzle games: Pikachu! The objective of the game is to find two of the same images together and click on them both. With some fantastic images of the best Pokemon, you’ll have a great time locating these pictures. With help from Bulbasaur, Clefairy, and Charmander, you only need to click on two of the same tiles if they are touching, or if there is a space between them. If you get stuck, click on the shuffle icon and get the images all jumbled up so you can solve the puzzle quicker.

How far will you go?

Slope is an endless freerunning game available to play for free through your browser or the app store. Ever dreamed of being a marble rolling down endless geometric slopes? You will after getting hooked on this game for a few hours. Though the gameplay is simple, the addictive nature will have you coming back for more in the hopes of beating your friends’ high scores. There’s no turning back or slowing down in Slope, so keep rolling ahead and try to keep your balance. Don’t blink! As the speed keeps increasing, your movements will have to be flawless if you want to stay alive in the race.

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Blosics 2
You don’t just knock them all out, you knock them out with efficiency

Blosics 2 is a free puzzle game for kids online that includes both block destruction and aim elements. You have a selection of balls in varying shapes and sizes which you can use to different effects. The larger the ball, the bigger the damage, but this might not always be what you’re after. Precision is sometimes key in Blosics 2, especially when the levels progressively become more difficult and the simple point and click solution just won’t cut it anymore. The main goal is pretty simple: knock over the green cubes and score enough to pass the level, but watch out for the twists that appear in the game as you progress.

Bluebox 2
The simple yet challenging puzzle game Bluebox 2

An ever-popular game format, this retro-looking physics-based puzzle solving game, called Blue Box 2 is reminiscent of the earliest Angry Bird games. You have to destroy blocks – not by shooting a bird out of a catapult,but with your own hands. Create ramps, angles and jumps for your blue block to reach the next level. It will take a while to get yourself familiarized with the physics mechanic of the game, not to mention the increasingly difficult gameplay, which will make the time you spend playing this game worthwhile. Can you solve all the puzzles?

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Jelly Go
Jelly Go is an amazing strategy puzzle game

Jelly Go is a quirky free puzzle game for kids. Watch as your jelly grows, then use your expanding jelly empire to conquer even more land. There are a variety of different jelly establishments and fortifications which will both complicate and simplify your task. If you can come up with the best strategies, you can expand your empire safely and quickly. Link up several jelly forts at once to do burst damage against a particularly strong boss opponent, or watch as your own defenses dwindle in the face of superior computer enemies.

Minesweeper 2: Great Mines Sweep Alike
The classic puzzle game that we keep on playing

Minesweeper 2: Great Mines Sweep Alike is the best puzzle game for adults and serves as a follow up to the popular Windows game. Although this game never gained as much popularity as the original, it does sport its own unique style that some fans appreciate. It is unfortunately the case with any sequel that the studio tries too hard to top the masterpiece they created by accident the first time. Rarely is lightning captured twice in the same bottle. Even though Minesweeper 2: Great Mines Sweep Alike is considered by most critics and historians as a cash grab rather than a full fledged game with its own personality, it is still appealing to gamers who love the minesweeping genre.

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That’s our list of great free to play online puzzle games, no download needed. Have you found your favorite game to play?

by Weenie

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