BMC Teammachine SLR02

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by yefimovich

Hello There

Here is my BMC SLR02 (love it as it is - but rhinking of ways to make it lighter). Would love to get your opinion on where I can cut so wheight off , the only problem in this area is the fact that my own wheight is 105KG (rugby player...hahaha) :noidea:

BMC Teammachine SLR02 2017 size 57 (7.6kg at the moment)

**Full Ultregra 8000 system

** Dura Ace 9000 Paddles



**Campagnolo Eurus wheels

**Continental 4 seasons 25mm

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by Klaster_1

Well, here are the obvious things:
1. Dura-Ace or Red shifters/derailleurs.
2. Red cassette.
3. eeBrakes.
4. Some CF wheels.
5. Lighter tires/tubes or go tubeless.
6. Darimo seatpost (they can reinforce it for heavier riders).

It basically boils down to replacing everything except the frame in a way that adheres to restrictions like budget, weight limit or anything else you deem important. Check out other threads to see what options are available and popular. And don't forget to make a spreadsheet with all the parts and weights ;)

by Weenie

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by yefimovich

My next step is a full Dura Ace system (debaiting with myself Mechanical / DI2)

What kind of wheels would you suggest ? those campy wheight 1.4kg (with no wheight restriction) - would love to find something lower.

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by helterskelter

I’m a similar weight and I’d be careful with changing the wheels without doing a lot of research in to maximum weights they’ll support. You probably won’t find much lighter that are robust enough compared to what you already have.

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by shuttlenote

Give CAMSHAFTs thread a read. His is a slr01 but most things he has done can be applied to your slr02. I've been using his thread for inspiration for my current slr02 build.

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