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by Molinaart

New here and since my only bike is this 2004 OCLV Trek 5200, I am very interested in lightening-it-up since I cannot just turn it into an aero frame.

I became addicted to cycling in the past year and performance upgrades. Any tips are appreciated.

Ultegra 6500 9 speed group set
Deda Compact bars
Dura Ace wheels c24
Fizik Tape
Vittoria tires, latex tubes
Specialized seat
Custom paint job
Total weight 7.9 kgs - 17.4 pounds

by Weenie

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by themidge

Nice :thumbup:, plenty of potential for lightness with that frame, starting with the groupset and finishing kit:

6500 is pretty heavy -> sram groupsets are light even at entry level, especially if you get lighter cranks/brakes than stock Sram ones.
cables, normal and heavy -> iLinks/jagwire elite links etc. are much liighter, though expensive
seatpost, probably above 200g -> chinese carbon for sub 200g
saddle, also probably above 200g -> used sub 200g saddles are quite easy to find on ebay etc for pretty cheap
bars, weigh them if/when you replace the groupset, if they're sub ~270g, don't bother because £££
stem -> kalloy uno is quite possibly the best £/g stem ever @ 100-120g depending on the length
vittorias are usually quite heavy -> veloflex clinchers ~200g in 25mm

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Joined: Sat Nov 10, 2018 10:04 pm

by Molinaart

Whoa I didnt expect all that. Thanks!! I will look into all of those links. Im not sure how to make SRAM retro fit the trek 5200 but Id like to. My rides are nothing but hills around here and I dont race but I need good uphill performance. (KY).
The handling and responsiveness of the bike is excellent and such a thrill to ride. Im going to start with some new shallow light weight carbon tubulars. Maybe Dura ace c24 tubs.
Thanks for all the links.


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by LouisN

Second hand Rotor 3D+ compact and sensibly light chainrings would save some weight (with BSA30 BB) and can be bought for not too much money, as first upgrade, still be compatible with the 9S Shimano. You can also shop for 10S Sram mini group (shifters and derailleurs) to complete your upgrade. Then some light CNC brakes, like the PLanet X branded ones. Lightweight shallow carbon tubs is another good option too.
Very nice orange bike in the background BTW :beerchug:

Louis :)

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