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by Klaster1

So here's my open mold XC FS bike, it's not fresh out of the oven by any means, you can read the build thread from the beginning on Chinertown. I wanted to post the bike here after reaching 9kg or lower and today the mark has been reached.

The basic idea was to upgrade to 29" wheels and full suspension, reusing what I can from my previous 26" hardtail. Then I got a rise, and another job, and the goal post was moved first to sub-10kg and then to sub-9kg. I also wanted to keep the Manitou suspension out of the sentimental value and the premise that I should be able to service it myself, compared to more complicated and lighter alternatives. Suspension service and wheel building are the only duties that I always tried to avoid.

If you want to know how Berd spokes ride compared to Pillar: pretty much the same, the last time I rode Pillar was last year, so it's kinda hard to remember what it felt like.

The whole build cost me a tad under 5k USD and several hundred bucks for shipping over two years.
Dengfu M06
Dengfu M06
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by Weenie

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