Brisbane. S-Works Venge Vias Disc etap 61cm

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by Soulsolutions

Hi all. I'm the proud rider of a big frame Venge Vias Disc. Awesome bike, suits my 190cm / 82kg shape, very fast and planted downhill and on the flats. I'm from Brisbane Australia.
However at 8.6kg I've been reading lots of posts here on ways I can make it faster on the climbs. I'm thinking about concentrating on the rolling mass, I think I can take a full 1kg off, here is my plan.

I know at 61cm and with the aero vias setup it's never going to be light. However with road races starting soon I need to get a spare set of wheels anyway. This got me thinking, could I invest in a light set of aero tubs, lightweight chain and cluster, and use this for race day as a quick swap.

Caden just released their 49mm Tubs for disc (1140g), they are 513g lighter then the roval slx 64mm clinchers, this also allows lightweight tyres as my tubeless S-Works (with tubes as I've had a nightmare running tubeless) are 732g pair!

I'd need a cluster to make them a fast swap, after reading Fair Wheel Bikes article I was thinking of the Recon cluster, YBN Titanium chain and Ashimo rotors.

The bike is a stock 2017 S-Works etap HRD so Sram etap set with carbon S-Works quark cranks, carbon power saddle and integrated seat post, steam and handlebars. Running DA9100 pedals. 8.6kg as I race, 2.9kg in the wheels.

49mm Tub wheels 1140g vs 1653g = 513g
Ashimo Rotor 144g vs 240g = 96g
Vittoria Corsa Speed 377g vs 732g = 355g
Recon 11-28 124g vs 168g = 44g
YBN Titanium chain 216g vs 248g = 32g

Total ~1020g saved. Missing tub tape, maybe slightly wider tyres. Maybe 900g?

Thoughts, tips?Image

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by Weenie

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